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Bernau / Lobetal: Today, Saturday and tomorrow, Sunday (28/29 May 2022), the forest church in Lobetal will once again turn into a great concert venue.

Enjoy two great Siebenklang – concert evenings with “Linda and noisy brides”, Alexander Scheer – Andreas Dresen & Band or Rainald Grebe – accompanied by Fortuna Ehrenfeld.

The area around the forest church Lobetal, surrounded by Mechesee and in the bosom of nature, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in and around Bernau and is ideally suited for open-air concerts or an intimate evening with wine, a blanket or a picnic-basket. Genesis, Sinéad O’Connor, Heinz-Rudolf-Kunze, Alin Coen, Birdy and many other artists were guests here.


Today and tomorrow, on Sunday, it will be “Linda and the Loud Brides”, Alexander Scheer – Andreas Dresen & Band or Rainald Grebe – accompanied by Fortuna Ehrenfeld. If the weather forecast is correct, it will stay dry and the wind will decrease noticeably!

Linda and Loud Brides Prelude to Gundermann’s Evening

Saturday at 19.30

Open-pit mine music at night – Gerhard Gundermann’s songs and his own: daughter Linda and friends follow in their father’s footsteps … Gundi Gundermann wrote poetry as he drove a giant excavator through the Spreetal open pit. The days of coal are numbered – the regenerative energy of his songs will remain. They dig deep, heat up, kindle. A group of high-profile brides around Linda Gundermann takes that fire into the next generation and adds their own compositions. Composers and songs by Hasenscheiße, Schnaps im Silbersee, Axel Stiller, Lari and intermittent music resonate with Gundi’s work – this is how bridges are created between yesterday and today, East and West, poetry and politics.

Alexander Scheer – Andreas Dresen & Band is played by Gundermann, Reiser and Bowie

Saturday, 20:30

“GUNDERMANN”, a work directed by Andreas Dresen, became the hit of the arts of 2018 and won the 6 LOLA, the German Film Award. A film that enjoyed unflagging media recognition, but above all deeply moving, with a soundtrack that penetrates the skin.


As lead actor, Alexander Scheer received the 2019 Bavarian Film Award and LOLA. As a busy singer and musician himself, he received the German Record Critics Award for film songs and, quite coincidentally, a place in the top 20 of the German record charts.
Scheer, who has already become fascinated by the role of Keith Richards in “Das wilde Leben” and is now an enthusiast of David Bowie at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus, plunges deep into space and Gerhard Gundermann’s songs. He studies them, develops an almost magical intensity with “everything he has” and shows it in a concentrated form.
Before the film’s premiere, there were applauded concerts, sometimes in front of thousands of viewers, of a band formed especially for this purpose by Alexander Scheer and Andreas Dresen. In 2019, the “Second Best Summer Tour” took place, which the band, together with the rapidly growing audience, transformed into unforgettable concert events. One more reason not to stop there, but to continue (on tour).

Rainald Grebe plays pop music with Fortuna Ehrenfeld

Sunday at 19.30

Our beautiful state of Brandenburg is becoming more and more interesting as a creative place for famous artists. Ironically, a man who became famous for his Brandenburg anthem, cabaret artist, lyricist, actor and author Rainald Grebe retired to a small abandoned studio somewhere in Brandenburg to work with Martin Bechler of the Cologne band Fortuna Ehrenfeld to create new ones. .

“Tell me, what kind of species are we doing here?” Grebe asked Bechler’s tireless “screwdriver” one evening. “Pop music, why?” Was the succinct answer. And so the title of the new album was born: pop music. Rainald Grebe presents a new album with Fortuna Ehrenfeld in the forest church in Lobetal. And then the evening begins. Let the music play. You put the handle in your hand and let the dog off its leash. Rainald Grebe and Fortunas, who, with Jenny Thiele on keyboards and Jannis Knüpfer on drums, are considered a good mood machine and a well-trained gang, sit on a huge treasury of songs and turn up the volume this evening.


Fortuna Ehrenfeld is playing Perkoz, Fortuna is singing Ehrenfeld, Rainald Perkoz is singing Perkoz. Grebe is playing fortune. Pop music! The new album was highly appreciated by the press. For example, the Kölner Express fell to its knees with enthusiasm in its review, and Der Spiegel wrote: “Pop music is more than a gem, it is a masterpiece”. Der Spiegel even refers to Rainald Grebe as “Germany’s most multi-talented cabaret artist”.

Grebe is accompanied by the German-speaking indie pop band Fortuna Ehrenfeld, a trio from Cologne that are very eager to experiment. Martin Bechler, a highly respected copywriter himself, says this about what Rainald Grebe does: “It’s commonly called poetry. And of the highest quality. I don’t know anyone who can create such a balance and friction at the same time between Gaga, seriousness and melancholy that you can burst out laughing at times. This goes way beyond Uncle Lustig. It creates the right height to then descend bottomless into great depth and meaning ”.

Have fun!

Information can be found on the SIEBENKLANG homepage – tickets are still available at the on-site box office or can be printed ONLINE. (Status: Saturday 11:00)

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