Stuttgart district court judges in the war for roses: proceedings against Christoph Sonntag’s ex-wife suspended – Stuttgart

Christoph Sonntag during the SWR recording of his show “Wörldwaid” at the Theaterhaus in May. Photo: Lichtgut / Julian Rettig

In the War of the Roses, Sunday versus Sunday, there is no conviction. After the proceedings against the cabaret artist were dropped as early as 2020, his ex-wife, accused of “attempted blackmail”, was not punished by the district court.

What the former loving spouses Christoph and Elisabeth Sonntag, who are both parents of the child together, have experienced over the past two years is something you would not wish for your worst enemy. Her war for roses with serious charges took place in public. Now the next chapter has been closed by the judiciary. In February, the Stuttgart district court issued a criminal warrant against the ex-wife and her lawyer for “extortion attempt”. They both appealed against it. At the main hearing on the opposition, there was no longer any conviction.

Elisabeth Sonntag is ready to do 120 hours of community service

“My client agreed to 120 hours of community service for a nonprofit,” her lawyer Klaus Malek told our newspaper. “Discontinuation under Section 153a of the StPO” does not imply “determination of guilt”. It is therefore not a question of a conviction, “no penalty has been imposed.” Malek said neither the Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt district court nor the Stuttgart prosecutor felt obligated to comply with the penal order, which is based on an attempted extortion.

It was clarified in the course of the proceedings that Elisabeth Sonntag never accused her ex-husband of possessing child pornography or even reported it. “The relevant investigations against Christoph Sonntag can only be attributed to the state investigating authorities that have established the appropriate suspicion against Mr. Sonntag,” explains lawyer Klaus Malek. Any statement to the contrary is “false and defamatory.” If these allegations recur, his client will “promptly file a criminal claim for insult and defamation.”

According to investigators, the ex-wife handed over to the police four external hard drives of Christoph Sonntag in July 2019 in the presence of her lawyer, according to a district court search warrant. There was an objectionable image on one of the hard drives that triggered a house search on Sunday. The investigation later revealed that this image cannot be attributed to the cabaret artist.

At the Sunday celebration he thanked the friends who stood by him

Christoph Sonntag considers himself a victim of the “character killing campaign”. He was investigated after several allegations from his ex-wife. All procedures were discontinued in 2020. It was about, among other things, state funding for his foundation. In this context, on Sundays there were two invitations for lunch to the Minister of Social Affairs Manfred Lucha (Greens). The charge of granting and receiving benefits was examined. Due to minor guilt, the proceedings against both were discontinued after the payment of the monetary condition. The allegation of possession of child pornography turned out to be unfounded. The case was discontinued due to lack of suspicion. On his 60th birthday, Sunday invited friends who believed in him during a difficult time. The ceremonies at the Theaterhaus were attended, among others, by former EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, former CDU lead candidate Susanne Eisenmann, and mayor Frank Nopper and his wife Gudrun Nopper.

Sunday Lawyer May “Just Be Surprised”

Achim Bächle, Christoph Sonntag’s lawyer, might “only be surprised” by the ruling of the district court in the proceedings against Elisabeth Sonntag, as asked by our newspaper, “But I will not comment anymore.” now penal Sunday vs Sunday ended. But there will still be a civil dispute between the ex-spouses before the district court.

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