Claus Kleber finishes the heute diary: Der Ankermann – Medien – Gesellschaft

Claus Kleber stops at ZDF … and goes to private companies. Such an association is possible in these media times. But she is hasty and probably very wrong. The truth is: journalist Claus Kleber will cease to be the moderator of the “heute journal” at ZDF at the end of the year. There is no reliable information on what will happen next, so it is speculated that he could follow the example of Jan Hofer and Pinar Atalay, who are switching from ARD news to RTL. Just a few weeks ago, Kleber’s friend Petra Gerster had their last performance.

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Claus Kleber is 65 years old and has been moderating heute-journal for over 18 years. It is a very long time and it will also be tiring. Every two weeks, Marietta Slomka changes with a 14-day shift that does not start when the “diary” starts at 9:45 pm, but much earlier when the magazine is prepared: agencies want articles to be viewed as agreed, prepared interviews, written moderation texts. Kleber only made this a little easier when he resigned from the editorial management of the “journal” team in early 2009 to concentrate on his role as “first moderator”. On Tuesday, he said he had hosted a news program since 2003.


In the Anglo-Saxon language such a TV journalist is called an “anchor”, and such an “anchor” is Claus Kleber. In the magazine’s program, which lasts almost half an hour, it has to bring together the national and international topics of the day in a nutshell. It must be presented in a way that is understandable to the audience, reliably classified and presented seriously. Kocharz must exude peace, security and certainty that the selected news is based on credible journalism and not on underdeveloped speculation. The heute-journal editorial work is practically nothing unless the moderator creates a credible link between this achievement and audience expectations. The claim that Claus Kleber and the audience of the most successful news magazine have established confidence in high-quality journalism is not very good. Of course, what applies to Claus Kleber also applies to Marietta Slomka.

News blue suits

And since television is a medium of image and sound, Claus Kleber, dressed in his favorite blue suit, must consciously use words and emphasize facial expressions. Kleber is temperamental, almost topping his 30 minutes. Commitment to the journalistic ethos, a perceptible distance that is at the same time deepened, a bit of irony, interviews aimed at wanting to know, not overbearing, which are just taking place – that is, a personal imprint, these are the ingredients with which Claus Kleber was also a “heute-journal” ” his “Heute-journal”.

And he enjoys it, at least according to his impression. The fact that Kleber brings with him a profound competence in correspondence – especially years spent in Washington – helps to classify and broadcasts the Mainz Lerchenberg broadcast a certain cosmopolitanism.

More than just a moderator

Claus Kleber exists not only as a moderator but also as an author. His ZDF documentaries “America Omnipotence”, “Menschen im Morgenland” and “Minenfeld Afghanistan” were successful with the public and the press. Will he use his new freedom for such work from 2022? It is difficult to imagine that this journalist, who, incidentally, has a PhD in law, will move from the ZDF headquarters to the allotment garden. Nobody inside or outside the broadcaster should worry about his successor, his heute-journal successor: Christian Sievers is one of the work that Claus Kleber does so brilliantly.

His professional understanding also includes the fact that little is known personally about Claus Kleber. He is married to a doctor and has two daughters. The family lives in Wiesbaden.)

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