concert review | Dua Lipa in Berlin: Mainstream in the best sense of the word

concert review | Dua Lipa in Berlin

Mainstream in the best of all senses

Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | 05/11/2022 | Jakub Bauer | Picture: Inwizja / Rob Grabowski

In recent years, Dua Lipa has grown into one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her album Future Nostalgia has sold over three million copies and won a Grammy. Jakub Bauer he was enthusiastic about her concert in Berlin.

Teenagers are standing next to adult men with glitter on their faces and graying men and women. It is an extremely diverse audience that gathers at the Arena am Ostbahnhof this evening. Even more remarkable is that the elders are not to be looked after by the young. No, everyone came for Dua Lipa. He is what you would call a mainstream star – in the best sense of the word.

On roller skates and with umbrellas

Because what Dua Lipa does is really inspiring. There are almost 20 people on stage, musicians, singers and ten dancers who will conduct the concert together with the 26-year-old. Sometimes in hip-hop, sometimes with street dancing, sometimes with umbrellas, then on roller skates. What always happens on stage is best illustrated in the song at the moment. From the very beginning, everything is intertwined, the show does not distract from the music, it supports these irresistible catchy melodies.

It is also impressive that Dua Lipa does not show any vocal weaknesses despite top art performances. He is rough when it gets tough, but also soulful, pliable and poppy. In addition, the band plays a mix of funk and disco guitar rhythms combined with the current R’n’B and electronic house punch. Any attempt to resist the convulsions is futile.

Tekst also sticky, a line like “Boys Will Be Boys / But Girls Will Be Women / If You’re Defended This Song / Then You’re Probably Saying / Boys Will Be Boys …”. In short, it is quite a bitter feminist statement.

Body positivity instead of meat control

Because Dua Lipa has always been political, both in and out of her music. She has spoken out against Brexit, has worked for the democratic movement in Sudan and is an icon of the queer community. As a result, of course, Dua Lipa is also an artist who, like Beyoncé or Rihanna, reinterprets pop-business stereotypes for herself. Although she moves sensually in skimpy outfits, she is not submissive, but casually confident.

It is more about a positive body attitude than about meat testing. The English woman breaks the stereotypes again and again: In the past, all her dancers put on huge lobster costumes and jump up and down like a lowrider car. And Dua Lipa? Lounging in front of those lobsters – and it’s really just fun.

On a new artistic level

What makes this concert great is that, despite such a meticulously planned concert, everything feels real. As if everyone really wants to mute the music here, but to raise the whole thing to a new artistic level with great physical effort, wit, grace, sensuality and a sense of drama. Dua Lipa did so tonight, reaffirming her status as a unique pop star.

Broadcasting: rbb24 Inforadio, May 11, 2022, 06:55

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