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An ambitious Colombian muralist has received one of the world’s most exclusive canvases to bring his masterpiece to life in real time in Monaco during FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2022.

Vuse, the world’s leading vape ** brand, and the McLaren F1 team today unveiled a mural created by an artist from Bogota, Colombia, on one of the world’s most exclusive race tracks, on Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum Beach. Mural is the latest activity in the Driven by Change program, which offers under-represented creative talents around the world the opportunity to show off their passion and work on one of the largest and most famous stages in the world – elite motorsports.

The artist, DAST, is a 38-year-old Colombian muralist who was chosen to create a work of art in Monaco because of his passion for art for the past ten years. As a resident of Bogota, DAST is surrounded by a wealth of inspiration, including Colombia’s diverse geography and rich heritage – something quite different from the sheer glitz and glamor seen on the Monaco coast. These elements inspire DAST to step out of its comfort zone and create murals that explore the relationships between people, places and spaces.

DAST’s grim graphics and bold personality are skillfully captured in this vibrant wall mural that contrasts beautifully with the classic, glistening landscape of Monaco. It was chosen for its unique style that uses geometric shapes, colors and the relationship between buildings, streets and passersby in public spaces as inspiration and the basis for its abstract contribution. The mural with DAST’s distinctive geometric composition, painted in real time by DAST, was inspired by the speed theme combined with the aerodynamic design of the McLaren F1 Team, with a lively papaya and blue color scheme.

DAST, a freelance artist, comments: “I have been pursuing a career in art and design for over 10 years, and there are few such opportunities. When I first started creating my designs in my home in Bogota, I never thought I would have the opportunity to fulfill my dream and become a full-time artist. The opportunity to present your work at one of the most exclusive Grand Prix races and to paint a mural in real time on a beautiful canvas, such as the Monaco seaside promenade, makes this opportunity even more special! “

“The last six months have really changed my life. I’m honored to be one of the creators involved in the Vuse Driven by Change project, and I hope more creators like me will take part in this amazing opportunity to showcase their work, passion and values ​​on the global motorsport platform. “

Driven by Change premiered at FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2021 in December 2021, where McLaren presented a one-off painting created by the Arab artist Rabab Tantawy ( /? Hl = pl ) to celebrate the first moment when an artist from the Middle East was given such an opportunity. This year, Driven by Change officially kicked off at the Miami Grand Prix, with American photographer Jonathan Walker ( recording content on the streets of Miami and on the track. Jonathan worked with McLaren’s digital content team to gain valuable experience, industry contacts and skills.

John Beasley, Group Head of Brand Building, BAT, comments: “We are really proud of the opportunities Driven by Change brings to emerging creators like Rabab Tantawy Jonathan Walker and now DAST! It’s great to see a raw passion ”The durability, geometric style and DAST’s unique vision come to life on a completely different canvas like the Monaco coast. Our work with Driven by Change demonstrates Vuse’s commitment to making the dreams of emerging artists come true.

The project is part of Vuse’s ongoing efforts to accelerate the creative search for under-represented talent around the world. We’re working with McLaren to find ways to liven up their work and help introduce the masses of creators from all walks of life. DAST artworks will be exhibited for one night only, on Saturday, May 28 at Grimaldi Forum, before FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2022 on Sunday, May 29.

Rabab Tantawa explains: “I never imagined Driven by Change would give me a chance. Being the first artist to have an original work of art on the racetrack was one of the most amazing things that happened in my career. it really changed my life. I’m excited to be part of Driven by Change this year and work with Vuse and McLaren to further change the lives of under-represented artists like me. ”

From August, creators around the world will have the opportunity to apply for future Driven by Change opportunities, from presenting their work at the upcoming Grand Prix to a one-off, exclusive collaboration with the McLaren F1 Team. Exact application options, dates and times will be announced shortly.

If you want to learn more about the history of DAST ( Vuse (, please visit our website and channels DAST social networks. We’ll be announcing more about the Driven by Change initiative and how creators can get involved in these unique opportunities later this year.

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About McLaren Racing:

McLaren Racing was founded in 1963 by New Zealand racing driver Bruce McLaren. The team started their first Formula 1 race in 1966. McLaren previously won 20 Formula 1 World Championships, over 180 Formula 1 Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Le Mans on first try and three Indianapolis 500s. McLaren Racing is currently competing worldwide in Formula 1 and the INDYCAR motorsport series in the USA.

The team is taking part in the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo and in the INDYCAR 2021 series with the drivers Arrow McLaren SP, Pato O’Ward and Felix Rosenqvist. McLaren was the first F1 team to be certified carbon neutral ten years ago and successfully received the Carbon Trust Standard Award, most recently in February 2021. They were also the first team to receive the FIA ​​Institute Environmental Award in 2013, which consistently holds the three-star rating.

In 2022, McLaren Racing will enter a new motorsport category and team up for Extreme E, an innovative all-electric off-road racing series emphasizing the impact of climate change.

Information about Rabab Tantawy

Born in Cairo in 1971, Rabab Tantawy grew up watching her mother draw and create. Although she did not start an artistic career from the beginning, Rabab has always been interested in art and learned various techniques, from very traditional means like oil painting to more modern means like spray painting. .

When Tantawy decided to devote herself to art, she took part in several exhibitions and also actively engaged in street art.

The artist works in various media, creating a playful approach to otherwise serious concepts underlying her work. Its main goals are unity, community and heritage.

While we can often observe artists approaching these issues from a political point of view, Rabab tries to fill the gap and present these issues through the prism of universality.

Rabab is an intuitive artist. It doesn’t work with preliminary sketches, but uses the canvas as a medium for direct download. There is no expectation about the end product. The product is, in a sense, the process of creation itself.

Line and color are the pillars of Tantawa’s creativity. Whether abstract or figurative, the artist’s creativity begins with a line. Lines act as a framework that determines the entire graphic creation process. Whether the lines are soft, flowing or strong, angular, this step sets the rhythm of your work. While many artists work with limited color palettes, Tantawy shifts from classic earth tones to bold neon colors in the same series with the same ease it transitions between media.

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