The last TV trill: A little bit new at the end


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The candidate for the chancellor of the SPD Scholz, after a swift poll, also won the third trial. In terms of content, the last TV show before the elections also did not bring any surprises – with a few exceptions.

Author: Lothar Lenz, ARD Capital Studio

Political discussions on TV can be arduous – remember what you read when you were young. Linda Zervakis, one of the Triell moderators on ProSieben and Sat1, took out an old Mickey Mouse booklet from under the table in her studio. Already in 1993, a photojournalism about deforestation of the rainforest was published.

“This means that Mickey Mouse was involved in climate change 30 years ago. Apparently, the CDU does not read so many comics … “speculated Zervakis – about the party leader and candidate for the chancellor of the Union Armin Laschet in the field of climate policy. feel the tooth. But he cleverly replied: “When your Mickey Mouse magazine came out in 1993, CDU Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer initiated the Rio process in which we said: global climate change is a threat that we must respond to globally.”

The candidates looked tired

Laschet’s point win. It was one of the few more fun moments in this trill that had otherwise spent an hour and a half working on factual issues – mostly fair and generally not very confrontational. School air filters, the backlog of digitization in the country, the plight of families in closure have all been heard dozens of times in the last few weeks. You could feel: Annalena Baerbock, Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet slowly getting tired after countless appearances on television and the election campaign; which is so adapted to them, the three leaders.

“The next federal government must be a climate government!” Baerbock repeated the main concerns of her candidacy: the current coalition has done far too little in this area. Electric cars, photovoltaic roofs, wind turbines – all of these must be promoted to reduce CO2 emissions. Yes, it will cost something, said the leading Green candidate, that’s part of the fairness: “Let’s also talk about the gas price: it will be a little more expensive in the future. But if we don’t do anything now, then we won’t be able to afford it in the future. ‘

Famous points of view

There were also well-known positions in the discussion on tax policy: the state needs reliable revenues to face climate change and pay off the crown debt. But where are you getting it? The topic on which the SPD candidate and acting federal finance minister was in his element: “We want to relieve the middle class,” said Scholz. “We also want to ease the burden on those who earn very little money. And we’re serious enough to say it means that someone who earns as much as I do as a federal minister has to pay a little more taxes. “Laschet also promised to help families, opposed the lifting of the separation of spouses and warned of an additional burden on medium-sized enterprises and craft workshops.

Silence in red-red-green

Scholz was less specific about the coalition this time: he said he envisioned the Greens as a partner, but remained silent on the left. Which once again prompted Laschet to warn against red-red-green and explain the choice of direction. All three were clear on the subject of the AfD: no negotiations, not even contacts with the far right.

At the end of this trill, there was neither a winner nor a loser. The gaps and differences between the tripartite programs in social policy, internal security and the general question of how much government regulation are needed to bring about a change such as that in climate policy became clear. But there were also some similarities.

Wanting to become chancellor, and that also means bringing them together, Scholz might have thought when he appealed to the audience on behalf of his two opponents: “Get vaccinated, join in, this is very important to your health and the protection of your lovers.”

Matthias Deiß, ARD Berlin, graded by Triell

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Analysis of the trill of candidates for chancellor in Pro 7 / SAT 1

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