Formula 1 in Monaco: “Ferrari, no more shame” / Formula 1

Ferrari rejected the Monaco GP win due to strategic mistakes. But the Reds have moved away from fat – especially at home.

Ferrari blithely lost a possible double victory at the Monaco GP. There was criticism for that, especially at home. “Ferrari, no more shame!” demands Tuttosport. Leclerc dominates the race but team mistakes puts the key in the works. Ferrari gives Red Bull victory. “

Corriere della Sera warns: “There is chaos and uncertainty at Ferrari, so you could easily lose the World Cup.”


Tuttosport: Ferrari, no more disgrace! Leclerc dominates the race but team mistakes puts the key in the works. Ferrari gives Red Bull victory.

Corriere della Sera: There is chaos and uncertainty at Ferrari, so you could easily lose the world championship. A performance car is not enough, you need to know how to use it. Leclerc angrily reacts to blatant mistakes unworthy of a team like Ferrari.

La Repubblica: There are no words to describe Ferrari’s failure at Monte Carlo. Despite an excellent car and an excellent driver, Ferrari sinks into mediocrity.

Gazzetta dello Sport: A nightmare in Monaco. Ferrari is wrecked, Leclerc protests. The conditions for the historic victory in Monte Carlo were ready, but the rain and the team’s glaring mistakes made Sunday an enchanted day!

Corriere dello Sport: Leclerc, who put a lot of pressure on his rivals with his performances, turned out to be a clear loser in the race in his home country. He’s had a lot more than one bad day, alarm bells ring in his head.


De Telegraaf: Last season, the fight between Red Bull and Mercedes took place off the track as well. After the chaotic Monaco Grand Prix, Ferrari also showed their streetfighter side after Scuderia had previously dropped out of the race itself. But Red Bull had the coolest head.

AD: Red Bull vs Mercedes 2021 was incredibly exciting, but the Bulls vs Ferrari cup match has been predictable for weeks. On Saturday the Italians were the fastest, and on Sunday the smartest were Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.


Guardian: The downpour has brutally exposed Ferrari. Perez’s victory was a heavy blow for Scuderia, who feeds on tactical failures in tense moments. It was probably a decisive moment in a fierce title fight, Leclerc was right: not using the entire front row and the speed advantage is unforgivable.

Daily Mail: Leclerc is losing a race that should have won Horror for Monegasque and a bad day for race director Eduardo Freitas. What was he doing there? Just in case, the start was postponed because there was no previous session on a wet track. Come on! These aren’t grandmothers shopping during a storm.

Telegraph: Sergio Perez wins after Ferrari’s failed strategy cost Charles Leclerc an easy win But this is only half the story of a chaotic, rainy and eventful Grand Prix.


March: Perez wins the impossible. Charles Leclerc is a big loser. He was hit by rain at the start of the race, there would be no discussion on a dry surface. The FIA ​​decisions were decisions against the spectacle, so there are a few things to think about.

As: Rain makes Leclerc’s life difficult. What a chaos race! Ferrari sank Leclerc with its strategy, and the protests were also to no avail. Checo Perez’s sensational race. The fight for the World Cup remains exciting.

Sports: Perez goes to the table in Monaco. Everything you can imagine happened in this race. For a long time, the rain spoiled the announced spectacle. Ferrari spoils and harms Leclerc. The serious accident of Mick Schumacher radically changed the script.

El Mundo Deportivo: Perez is leading the race of his life, Verstappen is still third in terms of World Cup ambition. Leclerc was pissed. This race was a great circus.


L’Equipe: Fatal Sunday for Charles Leclerc. Ferrari’s rain and strategy ruined his race.

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