MAZ interview with Markus Lahr, the presence office coordinator of TH Wildau and TH Potsdam

Luckenwalde.In February 2020, the presence of Brandenburg universities opened in Luckenwalde, in March 2020 it had to close again due to the crown, there was not much there. Now the presence office in the shopping area on Beelitzer Strasse wants to be more present again and attract attention with exciting projects. In an interview with MAZ, Markus Lahr, the head of TH Wildau, explained what projects are being prepared and what will happen in the future in the coworking and workshop with an area of ​​1000 square meters.

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Luckenwalde: University office on the industrial estate

Can science be fun at all?

Markus Lahr: I think so, you saw it quite clearly in our first science slam we often held here in the backyard. We had over 100 guests and some were really laughing. I think we will organize this event again next year – the success was just right.

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Coordinating the presence of TH Wildau and FH Potsdam in Luckenwalde – what do you want to achieve?

We undertook an important task in Luckenwalde because we want the universities in Brandenburg, and especially our closest ones, TH Wildau and FH Potsdam, to be visible through their research facilities in this rural area. But we also represent all other scientific institutions in Brandenburg.

Has it worked out so far and what has been your biggest problem in recent years?

Corona, of course – we had to permanently shut down our facility and were unable to conduct any face-to-face meetings or work. That’s why we want to start over now and present the Luckenwalde presence page, which is more famous and more accessible and also really present.

Luckenwalde: coworking and space for creators

How are you going to do that?

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We offer coworking and executive space and advise interested parties and students, connect companies and entities, and help citizens implement projects at the intersection of innovation, technology and the region. Here at Luckenwalde, we are the link between society, business and the knowledge system. We invite all of us to visit, including teachers with classes of all ages. We want science to be tangible.

How exactly do you want to implement it?

For example, one project is called “Bike for Science”. The project “Too Close? – Definitely more security ”is intended to answer this specific question. A question that concerns every cyclist. In the workshops, also here in Luckenwalde, open bike sensors are installed under supervision, which then provide measurement data in daily motion. The routes traveled and overtaking maneuvers are recorded for evaluation – so learning goes hand in hand and becomes concrete for everyone.

Scientific project for better animal welfare

Are there any other projects you are working on?

In another project, we specifically looked at how the training of veterinarians can be more animal-welfare-aware. To find the answer, the Luckenwalde attendance office supported the manufacturer of veterinary simulators Vetiqo and the Schönow Institute of Agricultural Animal Reproduction in developing a cow simulator for pregnancy diagnosis.

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And how could you provide concrete support for your presence in Luckenwalde?

In the first step, we want to create a realistic 3D cow model. Hilde was our godfather and we digitized her with a tape scanner. Then we create faithfully reproduced models of bones and organs, which we subject to an initial test. The project will keep us busy until the end of the year, until the first prototype is completed.

There is a lot to admire in the university office in Luckenwalde.

Would you make the inhabitants of the region interested in why they should come to the presence office in the industrial complex of Luckenwalde?

We have a unique blend and are based in a location that is not easy to find in Brandenburg or even Berlin. With our large high-tech workshop with 3D printers, laser cutting equipment and 3D scanners and a coworking space, we offer space for experimentation and implementation. And the use of the devices is free.

Are you satisfied with the occupancy of the coworking space?

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Our coworking work as an approach to acquiring qualified employees and recruiting them away from the metropolis and to networking is becoming more and more important – Corona showed us. Here we have the opportunity to work on your large and small projects here in a coworking space in the middle of the region, 30 minutes from Berlin and 15 minutes from Jüterbog. Here we are at the beginning of development.

Luckenwalde: Competition for ideas for seating in public spaces

What projects can we expect in the future?

One of our next projects is the Luckenwalde seating ideas competition. Together with the Teltow-Fläming youth forum and the city of Luckenwalde, we collect ideas from young people from the region for covered seats. As part of the competition, they are then produced as prototypes and the winning design is created after a vote.

In June, a workshop on bicycle sensors and our first format together with WFBB (Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH – ed.) On “Companies and coworking” will also start. It remains exciting.

(Interview: Ulrich Hansbuer)

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Ulrich Hansbuer

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