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Noon market overview, compiled by Dow Jones Newswires:



MONDAY US Stock Exchanges remain closed on Memorial Day.

+++++ SHARES AND BONDS (13:15) +++++

INDEX reading + -% + -% YTD

E-Mini Future S&P 500 4 189.00 + 0.8% -11.8%

E-Mini Future Nasdaq-100 12 842.50 + 1.3% -21.3%

Euro Stoxx 50 3 840.14 + 0.8% -10.7%

Stoxx 50 3 684.43 + 0.3% -3.5%

DAX 14 563.84 + 0.7% -8.3%

FTSE 7 587.29 + 0.0% + 2.7%

CAC 6 559.43 + 0.7% -8.3%

Nikkei-225 27 369.43 + 2.2% -4.9%

EUREX level +/- points

The future of the Bund 152.56 -1.18

Bond market last +/- absolute +/- YTD

DE performance 10 years 1.05 +0.09 +1.23

+++++ GOODS MARKETS +++++

ROHL last VT-Settl. +/-% +/- USD% YTD

WTI / Nymex 115.93 115.07 + 0.7% 0.86 + 59.3%

Brent / ICE 120.06 119.43 + 0.5% 0.63 + 58.0%

METALS last day before +/-% +/- USD% YTD

Gold (spot) 1,855.94 1,853.65 + 0.1% +2.29 + 1.5%

Silver (Spot) 22.09 22.12 -0.2% -0.04 -5.3%

Platinum (Spot) 963.88 955.70 + 0.9% +8.18 -0.7%

The future of copper 4.35 4.30 + 1.0% +0.04 -2.4%

Possible supply shortages and speculation on growing demand mean that oil prices are at their highest levels in over two months. The Nordseel of the Brent variety is 0.5 percent more expensive on the futures market. to $ 120.06 – a barrel has already sold $ 120.50 at the daily high.


During the day:

– LU / Adler Group SA, 1st quarter result


– PL

14:00 consumer prices May (preliminary)

FORECAST: + 0.5% y / y / + 7.5% y / y

previously + 0.8% y / y / + 7.4% y / y


FORECAST: + 0.4% y / y / + 8.1% y / y

earlier: + 0.7% y / y / + 7.8% y / y


Tighter – The recovery on the European stock exchanges continues. Siemens is one of the DAX winners and the heavyweight index shares are benefiting from a railroad order from Egypt. The atmosphere is also supported by templates. In Asia, the markets in the morning benefited, inter alia, from on the corona situation in China: the number of infections is declining significantly in both Shanghai and Beijing. Consumer prices in North Rhine-Westphalia rose 8.1 percent per year in May and show no signs of easing. In Spain too, prices are rising faster than feared. Yields in Europe are rising significantly – also due to the continued rise in oil prices. The tech stock sector is at the center of recovery, with its Stoxx industry index up 1.8 percent. They are followed by producers of consumer goods for everyday use, who have also recently swayed, with a plus of 2.1%, ahead of industrial shares that mainly use Siemens. The fact that Siemens Mobility (+ 3%) was able to secure an order for an Egyptian rail network of more than 2,000 km is welcomed by the stock exchange. According to Siemens, this is the largest order in the company’s history. The order is said to be worth more than EUR 8 billion. Shares of online pharmacies are also sought. Zur Rose increased by 5.2% and Shop Apotheke by 4.6%. Both companies are counting on positive news on the postponement of e-prescription in Germany.

+++++ CURRENCIES +++++

last +/-% Mon 8:17 Fri 18:22% YTD

EUR / USD 1.0778 + 0.4% 1.0761 1.0707 -5.2%

EUR / JPY 137.27 + 0.6% 136.85 136.10 + 4.9%

EUR / CHF 1.0332 + 0.5% 1.0293 1.0255 -0.4%

EUR / GBP 0.8520 + 0.2% 0.8507 0.8493 + 1.4%

USD / JPY 127.38 + 0.2% 127.19 127.11 + 10.7%

GBP / USD 1.2648 + 0.2% 1.2649 1.2608 -6.5%

USD / CNH (offshore) 6.6739 -0.8% 6.6632 6.7184 + 5.0%


BTC / USD 30 610.27 + 4.8% 30 765.99 28 796.78 -33.8%

The dollar is weakening in the currency market. The dollar index loses 0.3 percent. LBBW’s currency exchange experts attribute the dollar’s decline against the euro to the fact that the dollar hit its most recent high in line with the peak of hawkishness. The expectations regarding the further course of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy also reached their maximum almost two weeks ago. In the meantime, however, it seems that this wave of “becoming more and more falcon” has collapsed. This is negative for the dollar. At the same time, the return of key interest rates at the next ECB meeting seems doomed. The ECB then announced a series of interest rate hikes, which means that monetary policy expectations on this side of the Atlantic have recently had a positive impact on the euro.


Much tougher – As in the US, there was a relief that the US Federal Reserve had recently given a rather dovish signal about future rate hikes. There was also a spark of hope on the side of inflation in the US. Consequently, the US 10Y market interest rates fell for the third week in a row. The positive momentum came from China. Shanghai city government has decided to take steps to stimulate the economy after long blockades, and the Chinese central bank is opening up the domestic bond market a little more to some foreign participants so that fresh money can flow into China. In addition, fewer Covid-19 cases were reported in Shanghai and Beijing over the weekend. After a good 8% gain in the past few weeks, the Shanghai stock market gained moderately. In Tokyo, an additional impetus was given by the president of the Japanese central bank, Kuroda. He told the parliamentary committee that the central bank would continue to support the economy, patiently continuing strong monetary easing. In Seoul, the support was provided by the fact that the South Korean government decided on a slightly larger than expected supplementary budget, which is intended primarily for smaller companies. Among individual shares, JGC Holdings in Tokyo gained 3.5 percent. The machine builder received a large order from the giant Saudi Aramco. In Sydney, iron ore, gold and lithium commodities were on the winners list, with the corresponding sub-index up 2.2 percent. South32 increased by 3.2 percent and BHP increased by 2.8 percent.

+++++ LOAN +++++

Risk premiums related to the default of European government and corporate bonds continued to decline at the beginning of the week. “Investors hope for an imminent pause in interest rate hikes in the US,” said one market participant. The price deflator, which the Fed is closely monitoring and which has recently returned, gives hope. In addition, declining krone numbers in China have raised hopes that problems in the supply chain will alleviate.

+++++ COMPANY REPORTS FROM 7.30 +++++

Financial investors own almost 75 percent. Aareal Bank

With the acquisition of Aareal Bank, the group of investors consisting of Advent International, Centerbridge Partners and CPPIB will own 74.62 percent. real estate financing shares after the end of the first tender period. This was announced by the carrier Atlantic Bidco the day before the start of the second acceptance period. Up to and including June 13, Aareal Bank shareholders can now offer their shares for EUR 33 apiece.

The head of Deutsche Bahn sees the renovation of the railway network as the main task

Deutsche Bahn CEO Richard Lutz advocates a paradigm shift in infrastructure due to the growing demand for passenger and freight transport and a rail network that is overburdened and prone to penalties. The refinement of concepts and implementation milestones in the coming years should be approached in “close collaboration between the federal government, railways and industry as a whole” for “a common good oriented infrastructure,” Lutz said in a telephone interview. press conference on Monday in Berlin. He described the renovation of the railway network as the main task for the coming years.

Cewe takes over the producer of instant photo terminals

Cewe buys instant phototerminals manufacturer for retail, Hertz Systemtechnik in Delmenhorst. According to a statement by Cewe Stiftung & Co. KGaA photo specialist from Oldenburg takes over the company as part of a succession plan from its founder Gerhard Richter. The purchase price was not mentioned.

Elringklinger supplies battery systems to fast charging stations

The automotive supplier Elringklinger received an order from Schfer Elektronik to supply battery systems for the prototypes of the self-sufficient fast charging station. The order includes battery packs with an output of 35 kWh at voltages up to 800 V, the group in Dettingen in Baden-Württemberg announced on Monday. Financial details were not provided. Elringklinger says it has been a serial supplier of battery technology for ten years and offers both components and complete systems.

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May 30, 2022 07:16 ET (11:16 GMT)

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