Something to laugh at despite the corona crisis: these were the strangest news of 2020 – Baden-Württemberg

Despite the Corona crisis, there have been weird stories in 2020 that make you smile. (icon photo) Photo: dpa / Friso Gentsch

Over and over again – even in Corona 2020 – life wrote the most beautiful stories. Many also smile and shake their heads. Selection from Baden-Württemberg:

Stuttgart – A handmade motorcycle for the whole family, a penis in the sky and interesting road and information signs: 2020 was full of funny surprises again.


With a camping stool and swimming aids, a man turns his motorcycle into a family vehicle. With three children on the machine, the 51-year-old is hitting the main road near Backnang (Rems-Murr) in July.


To protect tram traffic from illegal parking lots, Karlsruhe relies on a forest of signs. On a short stretch of road, 80 identical signs explain in summer that parkers should follow the white line between the parking lot and the tram tracks. Due to construction work elsewhere, more lines will be arriving here than usual for a few weeks. There should be no traffic jams.


In November, the network community frantically speculated about an allegedly frivolous phenomenon in the skies above Baden. Two curls and a long arc of condensation streaks – has someone drawn the penis blue? The solution is stable: two Bundeswehr fighter planes simulated the interception maneuver.


While vacationing by the North Sea in 2002, 13-year-old Paula from Freiburg delivered the message in a bottle on her way to the sea near Langeoog. Eight years later, he reappears – but he hasn’t come very far: an inhabitant of the same island discovers a letter that has meanwhile been destroyed. Thanks to the Internet, the author is also tracked.


“For all the drivers who were only supposed to ‘sing and clap’ at school: this is a motorhome parking space. Even if you can dance your name: Car parking is prohibited here. ” Michelbach wants to use this sign to ensure that two caravan parking spaces in the town hall are car-free in Bilz (Schwäbisch Hall district). “We want to highlight this in a humorous way,” explains Mayor Werner Dörr in February.


In January, a woman suffered a failure at the teahouse of a retirement home in St. Georgen (Schwarzwald-Baar district) trying to dry a wet phone in a microwave oven. The wireless device burns down, smoke triggers a fire alarm.


The driver discovers a refrigerator made of polystyrene during an urban rail inspection at Heidelberg Central Station. Inside: three ampoules with hamster DNA. As it was unclear at first, the Federal Police Disarmament Service arrived in August.


In the middle of Autobahn 6 near Weinsberg (Heilbronn district), the motorcycle’s passenger bag suddenly caught fire – but neither the 15-year-old nor the 1-year-old driver noticed it. exhaust pipe until it caught fire. The driver had to draw the attention of two teenagers to a fire in September.


Instead of delivering them to the recipients, the courier in Konstanz simply unloaded 19 packages in the bush. In November, the police wonder what this is all about.


In October, a burglar plundered a display case with gold bars in a bank branch in Bad Herrenalb (Calw district). But the alleged precious metal was a dummy.


A thief in Freiburg seems to be targeting wedding dresses. In September, a burglar steals about 40 dresses from a bridal shop.


While escaping from the police, a drunk motorcyclist in Murr (Ludwigsburg district) lost a passenger. The 29-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries when he fell in July.


In fact, he just wants to submerge his speedboat in the water – but the man in Langenargen Harbor immediately drives into Lake Constance in his car. When in June he wants to check something else on the trailer, the team sets off. The motorboat reappears on the surface of the water, but the car remains at the bottom.


In the middle of an intersection in Leonberg (Boeblingen district), a drunk man does push-ups in March. A police patrol discovered a 50-year-old who was over two out of a thousand.


Although there is no opponent, the incumbent Tanja Steinebrunner loses the mayoral election in Fröhnd (Lörrach County). Most voters simply enter a different name on the November ballot. The mayor again loses the new election two weeks later – but this time officially he has two opposing candidates.


In July, in Sankt Blasien (district of Waldshut), a burglar suddenly found himself in the guest room at night. When he sees the couple inside, he briefly says “I’m sorry” and runs away without taking anything.


In the middle of the lawn of the stadium in Sandhausen (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis), unknown people plant up to a hundred spring flowers and trees in March. Lawn care workers manage to restore the playing field in time for the soccer game.


A hobby pilot loses his orientation during a sightseeing flight and lands hundreds of kilometers away in Prague. The 79-year-old takes off from Rottweil in May and arrives in the Czech Republic three hours later – to a runway closed for maintenance. It does not respond to radio messages and red light signals.


The tractor driver toured a speed camera in Leutkirch (Ravensburg County) in April and picked it up with a front loader.


In May, a man from Karlsruhe discovered a severed stone head of a statue in his garden. The caller tells the police that he discovered an angel-like head near the psychiatric ward and took it with him. Since there is no garden, he left the find in the resident’s garden.


Banknotes fall from the sky in Pforzheim in February. The wind lifts over 3,000 euros in the air from a leather briefcase. The driver of the car is frightened and brakes so hard that another vehicle hits his car.


The woman asks a newspaper supplier in Bermatingen (Bodenseekreis) for a lift – and after refusing to do so, she quickly leaves alone in his car. The man left the key in the ignition and the door open. According to the police, the woman left in October “on squeaky tires” and a little later entered the islet in Friedrichshafen.


Two groups attack each other with folding chairs in Waldenbuch (Boeblingen district). All seven of the people involved suffered minor injuries in a fight in May, and one had to be hospitalized.


The burglar used beverages and cakes at a bakery in Hochdorf (Esslingen County) in April – after which he fell asleep on a bench. Employees find a sleeping 35-year-old.

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