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The team behind the new Better Go South gallery: Tim Bengel, Leonie Dosch and Michael Preuss (from left) Photo: You’d better go south

Is the right art on display in Stuttgart? New actors excite the local art scene and want to prove that they can handle their galleries and concepts better than the existing ones.

Stuttgart is thriving into a young, vibrant city of art. While well-established galleries have repeatedly disappeared in recent years, several galleries have now opened. They prove that younger generations are also interested in painting and the like.

1. Gallery Necktar: more than rubbish

white cube? You’re kidding? You’re serious about it. The new Necktar gallery is not bright and white. Plaster from the walls was scraped off, fragments of the wall were exposed. Frederik Laux, Roger Hummel and Heiko Simayer all helped with their new Necktar gallery on Neckarstraße, which shouldn’t look like new. “We worked with recycled materials,” says Frederik Laux and, among other things, we built a light sculpture from Stuttgart’s old street lamps. The concept of the first exhibition fits in with it: it is devoted to the subject of waste.

Frederik Laux is a freelance photojournalist and has also opened a gallery to exhibit his freelance work. In the long run, the Necktar Gallery should be “a springboard and a place for others who are not able to exhibit in galleries”. And financially? “At the moment, we pay for everything ourselves,” says the 38-year-old, who is currently looking for funding, “but it’s quite difficult.” sold. “Some of the sales go to the gallery.” The building block should also be rentals, e.g. for winemakers who could organize tastings here. The lease will initially run for one year. “Then it has to be negotiated,” says Laux, but he hopes that the Necktar gallery will also be a permanent address for Stuttgart art in the long run.

gallery, Neckarstr. 127, Mon-Fri 11.00-17.00, Sat, Sun 10.00-18.00,

2. Exo Gallery: for young art

Ilona Kelich has been wandering around art fairs for a long time. He has also been toying with the idea of ​​opening his own gallery for a long time. Now the right rooms collapsed in front of her feet. Ilona Keilich has been running the Exo Gallery in Silberburgstraße since May. Their concept: “Support and develop young artists”.

On a daily basis, Ilona Kelich supports companies in cooperation with foreign employees, but she has been gathering for a long time and from now on she wants to “bring fresh art to Stuttgart”. While galleries are often very specialized, Exo Gallery offers an extensive program. Apart from paintings, there will also be installations, even if they are difficult to sell. Ilona Keilich also refers to “hybrid art”, as she calls it, that is, works in which digital and physical “merge”. Thanks to this, she is convinced: “I am opening a new door”. But of course it’s also about selling. “It’s a commercial gallery,” she says, although she has not yet developed the appropriate structures. There will be fixed opening hours from June. Until then, according to Ilona Keilich, “you can book a private view.”

ExoGallery, Silberburgstr. 167,

3. Better Go South: New Discoveries

The claim is high: the new Better Go South gallery wants to discover “ultra young contemporary artists”, ie very young artists who have what it takes to make a great career.

One floor of the advertising agency Preuss und Preuss has been cleaned for this purpose and now exhibitions are on display “because young talents from all over the world do not show up in museums,” says Michael Preuss, who runs a gallery with Leonie Dosch and artist Tim Bengel. The first exhibition was a success, also in terms of sales – but you didn’t go there “to spend money,” says Preuss. But how did they do it, when other galleries often take years to acquire customers? “Tim Bengel and I are the right collectors,” says Preuss confidently, “we don’t have such bad instincts. What we collect is judged by others ”.

Better Go South Art Gallery, Furtbachstr. 2 B, another exhibition from September 29,

4. Pop-up gallery on Schulstrasse

Anna Schaible is a professional: she worked at the Sturm Gallery and has been dealing in art for several years – although without a permanent home. “But you have to see art,” she says, and has now taken the empty halls of Schulstrasse for an ambitious contemporary art exhibition where the most expensive works cost 20,000 euros. For Anna Schaible it was like déjà vu, even as an art academy student, she helped organize a pop-up gallery and knew what to expect: a lot of effort.

They were encouraged by the reaction of wealthy collectors. For a dealer, this is the perfect model for setting up exhibitions without having to run a permanent gallery. Another show is to be held in the fall, if everything goes well, again on Schulstraße, “because the rooms are really impressive”.

Art platform thermalsSchulstraße 17, during the exhibitions daily from 12:00 to 18:00 and by prior arrangement,

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