The annual HörPartner meeting has a positive result: Success through quality and …

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The annual HörPartner meeting has a positive balance:

Success through quality and social cooperation – even in difficult times

More than 140 employees of HörPartner GmbH met in mid-May for the annual meeting in Berlin. The company is one of the leading suppliers of hearing aids in Berlin and Brandenburg, and also has specialist stores in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg. Despite the generally tense situation in world politics and the economy, HörPartner has made a positive balance sheet in the last two years at its first live meeting after the outbreak of the koruna pandemic and are confident about the future. The company continues to focus on high-quality craftsmanship and high social standards for employees – a recipe for success that also proved successful in the 2020/21 season.

“Our industry is undergoing a far-reaching transformation; and three years of Corona and the current global political situation affect all areas of the economy, including auditory acoustics, ”says Lars Stage, Managing Director of HörPartner GmbH. “But despite the temporary closure of our more than 50 branches, despite bottlenecks at suppliers, an unfavorable consumer climate and anxious consumers – we, HörPartner, can also have a positive balance for the last two financial years; we look with confidence to the future with new opportunities. Our company is clearly on the development course and we also saw sales growth in 2020 and 2021. – The success we owe most of all to our employees. “

In this context, Lars Stage also appreciated the best results that HörPartner has achieved recently in a whole series of surveys and industry rankings. The company won the “German Service Award 2022” for the best on-site consultancy in the health sector. In renowned comparative studies of the service quality of large hearing aid acoustics providers, HörPartner has repeatedly ranked first, for example in the DISQ study “Hearing Acoustics 2021”, which was published in spring.

Development through solid craftsmanship, individuality and regional roots

The event, which took place in mid-May at the “Tierpark Hotel” in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde, showed very clearly that the hearing aid acoustics company still relies on excellent craftsmanship, a highly qualified team and good social contacts. The clear advantage is that HörPartners still belong to the hearing care professional family and are free from external financing; you can operate independently and on an equal footing with producers. It is also important to take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by digitization, to further develop our own branch network and to promote the service brand “HörPartner”. Finally, additional social benefits for employees were presented – incl. establishment and payment of company health insurance and company disability insurance.

“We’ve all worked hard and held on tight in difficult times; so everyone on the team will also benefit from the success, ”concludes Lars Stage. “Solid craftsmanship and a well-coordinated team, our individuality and the regional roots of the company will continue to be the basis of our development.”

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this HörPartner GmbH was founded in 2006, but the company’s roots date back to the early 90’s. Today, HörPartner is a large regional hearing aid company based in Berlin-Brandenburg. More than 50 HörPartner specialty stores also have several locations in the federal states of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. At HörPartner branches, customers will find competent advice and modern service in everything related to good hearing and the supply of modern hearing aids. The offer includes modern hearing diagnostics, the best supply of hearing aids and other audiological products from leading manufacturers, supply of hearing aids for children, advice on tinnitus, etc. The goal of the company and its qualified staff is to significantly improve the quality of life of hearing impaired people. The company has always acted as a training company. In addition, HörPartners are involved in many different ways as educators of good hearing and as part of community projects. HörPartner GmbH is based in Berlin-Karlshorst. More information at


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