This is how loud Casper, Kraftklub and KIZ started the festival season in Berlin

When Casper, Kraftklub and KIZ invite you to ring the upcoming festival summer, so to speak, Berliners are also going to Spandau. Or maybe it was the charity idea of ​​the event that moved the crowds to the outskirts of the city that evening? As the artists claim, all the proceeds from “Unification 2.0” go “to people who are sometimes overlooked on such an evening: teams and helpers.” They survived the first festivals and experienced their first heartbreak with the Casper XOXO album. So it should come as no surprise that just before the mini-festival starts, all fans sing along with Wheatus’s “Teenage Dirtbag”.


Casper will start shortly after 20:00 – and at the very beginning will hit the hit single from his current album. As soon as the first sounds of “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”, people jump, dance and sing as if the pandemic never happened. Thanks to “Im Ascheregen” and “Auf und vom”, the 39-year-old hits all those who consider themselves fans of his early works. It gets really emotional and nostalgic when Felix Kummer from Kraftklub enters the stage to perform the 2013 song “Pretty okay” together. On this gray Saturday in May, two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, the lines “Despite all the clouds and rain, maybe years of life after all” take on a special meaning.

Casper, as far as we know, is delivering live. Not only vocally. The audience also loves him for his performance that evening. Because Benjamin Griffey, what is the rapper’s name, jumps and dances merrily on the stage as if there is no tomorrow. After a colorful bag of songs, including a track from the 1982 album with Marteria, Casper concludes the set with arguably the most suitable song for festivals, “Jambalaya”, which again leads to a proper escalation in front of the stage. The set ends in just 50 minutes. A bit of a disappointment the show must go on. Punctually at 21:00, another performance will appear on the stage: Kraftklub.

Anyone who thinks Casper’s performance was too short will probably need a sedative after the Kraftklub performance in the form of strong liquor. The band from Chemnitz – or, as they call it, Karl-Marx-Stadt – gets on stage quickly and gets out quickly. The set lasts less than 40 minutes. So if you wanted to see the band from K that evening and paid 65 euros for the ticket, you had to come home depressed. It’s a pity, because the team around Felix Kummer gave a show as usual and it spilled.


After the first track “Unsere Fans”, no one is standing where they were three minutes ago. Kraftklub fans’ muscle memory still seems to work well, as no song is performed without pogo and loving shoving around. But the team, in pure euphoria, must remind them at the beginning: “If someone falls, you help yourself. Let’s do it in such a way that everyone really feels comfortable in the heat. ” After short safety instructions, the program continues.

The band will also have a world premiere: this evening they will play their new single “Wittenberg ist nicht Paris” live for the first time. And while the song doesn’t directly invite you to pogo at first glance, the party-crazy audience does it anyway. Reunion doesn’t happen every day. When it reads “Randale”, a track that can only be heard live on Spotify, it shows: Kraftklub has trained its fans well. Without any instructions, thousands of Berliners kneel, jump and throw hundreds of cups and objects in the air. For the first time, Felix Kummer hasn’t called for catharsis this Saturday, but die-hard fans know it’s part of Randale. At the end of the show, Casper returns to the stage and quickly turns into a duo all-time favorite “Songs for Liam”.

After a short break, there is an absolute highlight for many evenings. KIZ takes the stage to the sounds of Backstreet Boys ‘Everybody’ and the crowd goes wild. At this point, many people’s alcohol levels were also at their peak. While Casper deals with mental health and the Kraftklub incites social resistance, KIZ hits a different note. RAP ON HASS – the band’s latest album released in 2021 – describes their performance at the citadel too well. In the first song, the Berliners make it clear what’s going to happen next: “I fuck you (all)”. In VIP w Psychiatria, everyone goes to their knees again. As the crowd jumps, the ground in the historic fortress on the outskirts of the city trembles as if it hasn’t been seen all evening.

KIZs bring “a good deal of fun after the pandemic” that is over. With the song Maxim and the Drunken Masters “Bier” for a while you feel like you actually landed at a Ballermann party, which is probably not too surprising, after all, the crowd is still partying this Saturday in 2022 “Fuck your mother rap” as they call it the KIZ themselves. As escalating as their lyrics – here they shamelessly rap about the molestation of a corpse – the audience is now on the move. Just 40 minutes after the show begins, the first Bengali fire is burning in the crowd.


For the grand finale, KIZ brings Casper and Kraftklub back on stage just before 23:00. The three evening acts together perform the song “Born, because you live” under the genius pseudonym “Achtzig Thousand Millions”, which they seem to have written without further ado for the event – with unspeakable greetings to Max Giesinger, Unheilig and Die Onkelz. The schlager-style anthem, which since then has probably been sung side by side by men with beer belly in a corner pub in Berlin at three in the morning, is a surprisingly gentle end to the evening. But maybe it’s not that bad, after all, Berlin party-goers still have to make the arduous journey home from Spandau this Saturday night. Conclusion: the reunification was successful.

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