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Specialist Press Spokesman Holger Knapp, MVFP spokesman Philipp Welte and Federal Minister Stark-Watzinger emphasize the importance of specialized media for Germany as a place of study | Annual Congress of the Specialized Media Industry at the Kulturbrauerei Palace in Berlin | In the evening, the award ceremony of the trade press

Berlin, May 31, 2022 – After two years of the pandemic, specialist media experts are meeting live today at B2B Media Days, the premier event for German specialist press, at the Palais in Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. The program covers topics related to specialist journalism, digitization, industry development, B2B marketing and new jobs. The last few years – fueled by the crown pandemic – have sparked significant movements and changes in the specialty media industry. Thanks to the renewed growth in digital products and events, the specialty media industry was able to partially offset the most severe economic impact of the 2021 corona pandemic, increasing sales by 7.6 percent to 7.99 billion euros.

Holger Knapp, spokesman for the German trade press and managing director of Sternefeld Medien, opened the congress to around 250 participants. In his welcome speech, Knapp emphasized the importance of specialized media as essential for business and science: “Thanks to its thematic scope and in-depth content, specialized media meets the information and educational needs of a very diverse society and economy, characterized by a growing number of different professional contact points. Editors and authors 5 616 specialty journals, specialist books and digital media formats provide their readers with detailed information on everything professionals need or want to know about all possible subject areas beyond the news of the day. No other medium can do this.

Philip Welte, a spokesman for the board of MVFP, said in his speech at B2B Media Days: “Our responsibility in and for our society is based on journalistic, substantive due diligence and our own commitment to the truthfulness of our content. Our mission is to protect freedom of opinion and ensure neutral credibility of information. But neither freedom as such nor the survival of a free press are obvious in the 21st century. ” He added: “Our economic foundation is threatened with erosion, the existence of more than 2,000 of the more than 7,000 magazine titles in the specialist press, denominational press and popular media is threatened.” According to Welte, political framework conditions are needed that will enable media companies to exist as entrepreneurs: “With the growing flood of often manipulative content flooding people via social networks, specialized media in particular make an extremely important contribution to professional, reliable information and guidance for people in their professional life. ” He stressed: “Our work is irreplaceable, a free press is essential if our world is to remain a free world.”

In a video message, the Federal Minister of Education and Research addressed: Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP), congress participants on site. Specialized media give the necessary space to complex topics, necessary differentiation for important debates, bring out know-how and stimulate readers to new ideas. There is no doubt for her that specialized media is indispensable, also in relation to fake news: “Disinformation campaigns threaten our economy, our democracy, our business peace. That’s why we need reliable sources, reliable research and objective reporting more than ever. In a word: high-quality journalism And more than ever, we need to emphasize that the trade press in Germany has a future, that there is a trustworthy publishing space, important fixes against fake news and a company. Federal Minister Stark-Watzinger said.

B2B Media Days 2022 ends in the evening with the presentation of the “Specialist Media of the Year” awards in eight categories and “Specialist Journalist of the Year”, and then B2B Media Night.

You can follow the congress on Twitter under # b2bmediadays22. All further information and press photos at the B2B Media Days 2022 – German Trade Press Congress can be found here.

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