Be happy alone: ​​4 reasons to go to the concert alone

In order to love yourself, it is important not only that you can cope, but also exceptionally be happy alone. This includes being able to do nice things alone, without feeling weird or lonely. For some, this means traveling alone, going to the movies, or just going to parties such as concerts alone.

I’ve always been a bit scared too get up alone go to a concert. Nevertheless, I also thought that I actually didn’t want to miss such a nice occasion just because none of my friends had the time or the will to do so. I just said than I did, so last Saturday I finally had the courage and went to the concert alone.

That is why it is worth going to the concerts alone

Why are you afraid of being alone at the concert?

First of all, think about why you are afraid of it at all, go to the concert alone. It’s best if you think about what the worst thing that could happen to you would be if you went there alone. I was scared and hesitant too, because I thought that if I was lonely there, others might think funny of me. I was also concerned that I would not do it be happy alone and don’t enjoy the music.

The concert was originally sold out, so I was even happier to see that the tickets had been refunded There were still a few tickets on sale. The next moment, however, it immediately occurred to me that neither my friends nor my sister had such spontaneous time, which actually meant that I was done with it. It was only when I told my colleagues about it and they encouraged me to do so that I dared to order a ticket.

Learning to be happy when alone is good for your development. Picture: Getty Images / Solstock

Reasons why going to concerts alone can make you happy

Shortly after ordering my ticket, I was nervous, excited and curious about what to expect and how I would feel. After all, it was a completely new experience for me. Nevertheless, I was really looking forward to the concert and everyone I told about it told me rewarded positively. There are several reasons why you should go to the concert alone.

1. You perceive the concert completely differently

It may sound cliche at first, but when you’re alone, you go to the concert quite a different truthso it was for me too. Because, meanwhile, you are completely on your own. Nobody asks you if you want another beer or complains about who is next to you during your favorite song. You can just focus on yourself and the concert and get carried away by the music, which will make the experience much more intense.

2. You have a free choice of place and can stand where you want

When you go to a concert with others, there are often discussions about where to stand. Since some like to be in the front row, others prefer to be in the back. While some like to stand in the middle of the turmoil, others look at the concert from the outside on the edge. I also have during I changed the venue three times during the concertbecause I went where he took me. It wouldn’t be possible with my friends.

3. You are not actually the same

I can also get rid of the fear of loneliness. You are not really alone at all. You are only surrounded by like-minded people who even they have the same taste in music and best sing along to words as loud as you are. Besides, no one is staring at you because you are alone. Because everyone is preoccupied with themselves right now, instead of thinking about whether or not you are alone there.

You can just focus on yourself and the music. Picture: Getty Images / Andrius Aleksandravicius / Eyeem

4. You establish conversation with others faster

Another good thing is, you can too talk to others faster comes because other people come up with the idea of ​​going to the concert alone or just joining the group. I also joined the group at the very beginning when I wasn’t sure where to go to get there. I just walked over to a group of five women and we were waiting in line together.

Later on, their friend showed up and I got on well right away. Even though I lost the group again during the concert, I was still glad that meeting new people from the very beginningwho are also so cool and open-minded and didn’t know where to go.

Dare, it’s worth it!

Doing things alone not only increases your confidence but also teaches you to be lonely. For me personally it was very nice experience and I’m glad I dared to go even though nobody wanted to go. Because I think I would be very sorry if I missed my favorite bands in Zitadelle in Berlin because of that.

In addition, this concert showed me that be happy alone, does not always have to be difficult, and I should dare to do such spontaneous things much more often. After all, these moments are among the best.

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