Extremely improved 2D semiconductor performance

Scientists in Korea have succeeded in developing two-dimensional semiconductors with a performance much higher than that of conventional models. This could take a big leap forward in artificial intelligence technologies and systems.

Semiconductors are an essential component of processors. Improving them also results in significant advances in systems with artificial intelligence.

Photo: panthermedia.net/ crstrbrt

They are tiny and at the same time extremely important: semiconductors can be found in many famous objects such as light emitting diodes such as OLEDs, solar cells, vehicles, coffee machines and smartphones. They are integrated into microchips built into the control units that regulate driving and braking behavior in cars, as well as airbags and assistance systems. They are also used in autonomous driving. In this case, the systems even have to act like the human brain and logically process large amounts of data.

Sensors and semiconductors are still in demand

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