Merz party fights for a profile: Does the CDU still understand something about the economy?


Status: May 31, 2022 2:58 PM

Robert Habeck instead of Ludwig Erhard – the image of the CDU as a business party pales. Despite the leader of Merz’s party. How it’s possible?

Author: Anita Fünffinger, ARD Capital Studio

Friedrich Merz makes some sentences, as do others Our Father. Memorized and carved in stone like the Ten Commandments. Nothing should question such certainties.

We are a party of the social market economy. We are the party that pushed through this economic order in the Federal Republic and we still believe that only the great problems of this economic order, including the great challenges of climate protection, can be solved.

This sentence comes from the 2021 federal election campaign, when Armin Laschet was the Union’s candidate for chancellor, and Friedrich Merz was an economic expert on Laschet’s team.

But after one federal and three state elections, the world looks a bit different. Many voters no longer see the EU as a driving force for economic development in Germany.

The example of North Rhine-Westphalia: While nearly half of the voters believed that the CDU was pursuing good economic policy, by mid-May 2022 it was only a third. Nico Siegel, Managing Director of the Election Research Institute Dimapa Infratestsees here a very dangerous development for the Union.

The CDU must be seen here as by far the strongest force, then it has a good chance of winning the elections. And wherever the SPD gets close to it, it becomes critical, because it is, next to the issue of internal security, the classic area of ​​competence of the Christian Democrats.

The problem area of ​​young voters

The EU already has a problem with young voters and environmental protection issues. Usually your voters are older. They say that they are doing well economically. Young people who earn little and people who are concerned about climate change rarely cross the CDU.

This is another economic challenge for Germany. During the war, dependence on other countries, high prices, ensuring that the economy in this country works, apartments are warm, production lines do not stand still. And all of this is now regulated by the green economy minister of all people. From perspective infrared test-Managing Director Siegel is not a good fit for the CDU.

What to do? The head of CDU Merz considers himself an economic expert. However, the image of the CDU as a business party fades.

Image: AFP

Habeck instead of Erhard

Now Robert Habeck travels the world to buy LPG, explains the energy transition, is concerned about affordable electricity – not Ludwig Erhard or Peter Altmaier, who saw himself in the tradition of CDU economy ministers. With Chairman Merz, the CDU itself had a proven economic expert who could possibly do all of this. infrared test– Managing Director Siegel says:

Friedrich Merz is certainly seen as an expert in economic policy. Whether or not he is seen as being seen as a person who ensures social sustainability and ecological renewal, question marks can certainly be defined. ”

Question marks, of course, have voters as well. In the federal election, the CDU lost to high wages, workers and people who say they are doing well economically. Election surveys call these people “decision makers.” The decision maker, former Siemens boss Joe Kaeser, made his decision. The head of the economy called for the election of the Greens.

CDU – the party of economic competences?

Anita Fünffinger, ARD Berlin, May 31, 2022 8:57

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