– Perspective – in texts about contemporary art

Date of entry: May 30, 2022


In the text mining category, we explore terms in our text corpus that are part of the art discourse.
This digital, algorithmic type of text processing offers a number of advantages in selection and identification. We enable you to participate in the first results of work with this instrument.

Viewpoint phrases:
Viewpoint‘,’ entitled, positive The perspective on “enables” New points of view ‘,’perspective hierarchy“,” positions and points of view, from the other, “perspectives of his point of view”, “especially ethnological point of view which”, “impressionist point of view which”, “emphasizes spiritual point of view; this’, ‘shows the point of view of the current’, ‘that they from the point of view of’ social‘, ‘at the time revolutionary Points of view, have “,” and individual Overlay points of view ”,“ the then perspective “,” present as many perspectives as possible “,” completely new perspectives, it “,” completely new perspectives “,” mainly Italian perspectives on it “,” new, differential The perspective of “a personal explain the perspective “,” therefore open new perspectives “,”interesting new perspectives on “,” depending on the perspective “,” new view on their traditional “,” and perspectives and representations “,” new perspective on them “,” open new perspectives “,” and extended perspectives in contacts “,” focus on: personal views, experiences and “,” alternative views on social “,” in this, rigid views on cultures “,” establishes a view accordingly “,” and our views control whether “,” and personal view allow for ‘,’ humanistic view on ‘,’ humanistic view on ‘,’ comparisons with alternative views ‘,’ reflexes and views on ‘,’ plural views and voices ‘,’ adopting one’s own views ‘,’ is Schmidt’s point of view ‘,’ Different points of view on historical works “,” new speculative points of view “,” New points of view of art on everyday life “,” Oeuvre’s new points of view on “national-historical points of view, deposits a lot”, “which enables new perspectives”, “enables a different perspective”, “For new perspectives and allows”, ” narrow down individual perspectives “,” A new perspective was quickly found “,” supposedly completely new perspectives “,” narrow down one’s individual perspectives “,” new perspective quickly found “,” completely new perspectives on the alleged “,” and feminine perspectives, intimate and “, ‘limited perspective of the other’, ‘to the perspective of one’, ‘new viewers Perspectives on it’, ‘and new perspectives on it’, ‘analytical perspective that adopts’,’ to new perspectives and ‘,’ opens up unusual perspectives in the context of “,” Problems and perspectives in context “,” equalizing perspectives of photographic reproduction “,” questioning the perspective of some “,” ordinary perspective “,” or opening other perspectives “,” kind of perspective and wild “,” archaeological and museum perspectives “,” thus the new perspective points to many “,” from this perspective, exactly like that “,” from Halle’s perspective “,” allows for new perspectives for the future “,” and different perspectives on history “,” different perspectives as well “, “And social Pe rspectspects are dying “,” exhibition of different perspectives on Bisky “,” alternative view of politics “,” and Asian perspectives on “,” Western perspectives – definitions “,” new view on “,” contemporary artistic perspectives on Picasso “,” thematize a lot different perspectives: ‘,’ many cultural perspectives have been created which ‘,’ whether this perspective on ‘,’ female perspective ‘,’ or this perspective on ‘,’ opens new perspectives on the chosen ‘,’ longingly retrospectively but accepts’ , “This, new perspectives on”, “the anthropocentric perspective itself, in”, “to reflect one’s own perspectives”, “Ar but emphasizing the perspectives on”, “and the viewers’ perspectives”, “group exhibition of their perspectives and theirs”, “female perspective “,” He ambiguous perspectives “,” and adopting new perspectives “,” based on insect eyes “perspective on” changed perspective and is “,” and prospects for the cyber generation “,” rather new perspectives “,” one-sided, more controversial perspectives surely would have “,” open questions and perspectives “,” with unknown perspectives and open up “,” childishly naive perspectives are revealed “,” leads to new perspectives, but “,” other artistic perspectives of the imagined “,” or regional perspectives on “, “Perfectly surprising perspectives”, “apparently unknown perspective”, “at the same time a more abstract perspective on”, “male perspective with the social”, “perspectives and perspectives emerge”, “and different views on history”, “things a different perspective” en o “,” Perspective that too “,” The needs and perspectives of both sides “,” People, their perspectives and requirements “,” The photographic perspective on “,” The perspective of Western influences to be examined “,” The surroundings look at Europe “,” different perspectives of the big city “,” joined the scientific perspective “,” the perspective of a modern human view “,” strategies and perspectives “,” stimulates the prevailing traditional perspectives “,” highlights “,” and a fresh look at the classic “,” changed photographs total look at and ‘,’ camera, human and spatial perspectives’, ‘artist perspective’, ‘objective abstract perspective based on’, ‘new view on society’, ‘new view on society’, ‘Ideas and perspectives with research groups’ , “Today’s perspective”, “Wüst’s photographic perspective on details”, “necessity, different perspectives”, “toxic theme, effective perspectives”, “depending on the perspective, pleasant past”, “white-male perspective on culture”, “from the perspective of audience “,” different perspectives on “,” opening to new perspectives “,” exchange of perspectives that relate to “,” on perspective and this “,” also new perspectives on “,” or cultural perspectives “,” or cultural perspectives “,” for personal perspectives on “,” communicate our perspective on “,” opens our perspective on “,” shifting traditional perspectives on “,” visiting different perspectives on “,” blur, familiar perspectives and safe “,” opens our perspective on “,” shifting trady tive perspectives “,” visitors have different perspectives on it “,” requires new perspectives on ours “,” individual perspectives and other “,” expressions and perspectives and provide “,” contribute to toxic subjective perspectives “,” This fresh perspective indicates Ludwig “,” Own aspects and perspectives “,” Cultures, languages, perspectives as well “,” The photographic perspective suggests, irritates “,” This multi-perspective perspective on one “,” Infinitely many perspectives on it “,” an artist’s radical look at ours ” , “To complement artistic perspectives”, “eg. new perspectives and brings “

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