Riding therapy: children have fun at the grokudile farm in Saalfelden

The Grukodilfarm in Saalfelden (Uttenhofen 28) is a non-profit association that specializes, among other things, in medical riding. Various activities for children aged three to ten are celebrated here in a fun way.

SAALFELDEN. The Grukodilfarm in Saalfelden is a small non-profit association that has existed since 2001. It was founded by Magister Manuel Gruber-Koch and her husband Ingo Kocha. The association currently consists of six board members and the Gruber-Koch family.

Connecting kids and horses in a fun way

Opportunities related to therapeutic riding are offered – the emphasis is on psychological education, as well as therapeutic and therapeutic work with the horse. “Driving with all your senses” is the club’s motto:

“We try to engage all senses with playful elements, be it in the therapeutic area or just pony riding. Our goal is to offer children different worlds of experience on and with horses. Most of the families that come are families with children from three to ten years of age, whom we support and accompany in various life situations – says Manuela Gruber-Koch from Grukodilfarm.

At the Grukodil farm, children learn to treat their four-legged friends with respect and species.

The animals live in herds

On the farm, the relationship between man and horse is very important, as well as the proper handling of the horse for the species. Horses are considered partners on the Grukodil farm.
It is also very interesting that horses and donkeys live together in a herd in open stables.

Horses need each other to be in balance

According to the Gruber-Koch family, horses are very social creatures, they need balance and life in the herd to be able to maintain speciesless and balanced behavior.

“Animals touch our soul – their peace shifts to us and gives us the opportunity, especially now in these unstable times, to come into ourselves, to be able to take a deep breath – to be able to just be without having to do anything. Just to let be without Being judged is it is very important, especially for our children, that we can recharge the batteries and find fun and joy in life together with the animals ”- the family knows from experience.

The gentle nature of the horses is transferred to the children and this creates images like this.

The horse’s movements are good for the body and soul

According to Gruber-Koch, the three-dimensional movements of the horse’s back are not only very positive for our entire back muscles, but also for our inner balance. You can release both physical and mental stress while driving.

“Horses do not judge, accept everyone as they are – but they still give us clear and honest opinions, they are a mirror of our soul. Thanks to their instincts, horses show where we are at the moment relatively quickly. we often reach the problems behind this through the physical tensions that begin to be released on the horse. We at the Grukodil farm help the children to relieve the pressure that often weighs on them – a little freely and we come to life, “explains Manuel Manuel Grubera-Kocha.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome at Grukodilfarm who would like to try horse and horse work, says the family, whether in a therapeutic sense or as a recreational program.

Manuela Gruber-Koch has been fascinated by horses since she was a child - in her free time she tries to ride a horse herself.

No pressure to perform, but with individuality

What makes the Grukodil farm special is that it tries to respond to people individually, there is no pressure to act (no one has to be able to do something in advance, so to speak, to participate).

take a break

An attempt is made to welcome the people who come to the Grukodil farm and get away from everyday life. The family must emphasize that Grukodilfarm is not an equestrian club that deals with badges and tests.

Did you know that there is a club in Saalfelden that offers therapeutic skating for children?

Enthusiasm for horses from childhood

While studying psychology, Manuela Gruber-Koch worked in a therapy center offering horse-assisted therapy.

“Horses, with their beautiful nature, touched me from an early age and have been an important part of my life since childhood. So one led to the other and it wasn’t long before I had my first horse, “Sisko”. I bought it when he was six months old – since then he has lived with us on the farm and has become a great therapy and horse for children – says Gruber-Koch.

Part of the philosophy of Grukodilfarm is that all animals can spend the rest of their lives here.

Lots of horses and the dream of a “therapeutic stable”

Gradually, more and more horses were moving into the farm, and Manuela Gruber-Koch wondered how to take over her parents’ farm and make her dream of a small “therapeutic stable” come true.

The whole family helps

At the moment, there are four horses, three ponies and a donkey on the Grukodil farm, as well as dogs, chickens, rabbits and a few other four-legged friends. The whole Gruber-Koch family helps with the farm and makes sure that all animals are well.

“Even if it is not always easy, it is still a matter of the heart – my calling. Working with children and animals gives me great joy and I experience how fears and uncertainty, blockages, hopelessness and sadness suddenly become joy in life again and there may be fun – suddenly a smile appears on the face of a previously sad child “- she is delighted with her work on clinical and health psychologist farm.

On the farm, grukodil encourages free interaction between children and horses.

Varied offer on the Grukodil farm

Grukodilfarm focuses on HTFP (Medicinal Education and Therapeutic Support with Horses). To offer:

  • Horse-riding kindergarten – Hippolini Mini Club (from 3 years),
  • Riding with all senses – pony riding (from 3 years),
  • Horse-assisted early support – a play support measure on horseback (individual and holistic development support),
  • Horse riding mother-child, riding fun for 6 years,
  • integration groups of vaults for 6 years,
  • guided walks,
  • Birthday parties, horse camps during the holidays and
  • Activity days for kindergartens and school classes
The grukodil farm offers various programs for children from three to ten years of age.

Volunteers are important

Without volunteers, the project would not be possible, the family tells us, without them the whole thing would not be possible either financially or technically. That is why the association, including the Gruber-Koch family, is always very happy with volunteers willing to help – the condition is love for children, horses and nature.

Sponsorship for horses

Sponsors are always sought for the old horses on the farm, as part of the Grukodil farm philosophy is that any animal can spend the rest of its life here.

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