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Demand for the € 9 ticket remains high: Seven million special tickets have already been sold by Wednesday’s premiere, the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) announced on Tuesday.

“So there’s a real run on the 9-euro ticket,” said Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP). The numbers apply to all associations and companies as well as online, at counters and at machines. – These are additional customers who did not have a subscription before – emphasized the minister.

Be fascinated by public transport

With a ticket for 9 euros, an experiment for industry and politics will begin on Wednesday. With special tickets, consumers can use local public transport throughout Germany in June, July and August for EUR 9 each. On the one hand, they should be relieved of high inflation. At the same time, as many people as possible should be inspired to change to buses and trains in a more environmentally friendly way.

VDV estimates that around 30 million people will use the EUR 9 ticket per month – either as part of a subscription or with a newly purchased ticket. “It is our wish that we not only attract and retain many new customers, but also make public transport attractive in the long run,” said Transport Senator and Chair of the Bremen Conference of Ministers of Transport (VMK) Maike Schaefer (Greens) . ), on Tuesday.

The € 9 ticket phase should therefore also provide information on what, in addition to the price, public transport has to provide in order to remain attractive. From the VDV point of view, there is already one thing: more money is needed.

“We will not have enough offers for real change in cities and metropolitan areas,” association president Ingo Wortmann said on Tuesday. “We will need more frequent services there in the future, and that needs to be financed.” On the other hand, in rural regions, public transport services often need to be set up first. “There are rural areas where there is no offer at the weekends.”

debates about money

In the discussions about the special ticket between federal and state governments over the past few months, the main emphasis has therefore been on increasing funding. Federal Minister Wissing on Tuesday referred to a federal state working group that had recently been set up to address issues related to the expansion, financing and efficiency of public transport. “Including these findings in this working group is the right way to do this,” said Wissing.

The chairman of VMK Schaefer warned that transport companies could suddenly raise prices due to under-financing after three months with a ticket for 9 euros. Given the rush on the € 9 ticket, it is clear that “we should not lose the confidence that was regained after three months by raising tariffs,” she said.

Wissing talks about a “successful project”

Debates about money are likely to shape over the next three months, as is the experience of passengers traveling on public transport. The first test is approaching next weekend, when millions will be willing to go on a Pentecost holiday.

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing described the € 9 local and regional transport ticket as a “successful project” even before its launch. The huge inflow of the mandate is a very encouraging signal, the FDP politician said on Tuesday during the budget debates in the Bundestag. It shows that a large number of people want to try something new. “This is a citizen vote for this successful project.” (dpa)

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