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According to investigators, the new abuse complex in Wermelskirchen takes a new dimension of brutality. The main suspect is the 44-year-old from Wermelskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia. The suspect comes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

To date, 73 suspects and 33 victims have been identified, investigators said. Most of the defendants – namely 26 – are from North Rhine-Westphalia. Apart from Bremen and the Saarland, the remaining suspects come from all over Germany – one also from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. All defendants are men, as reported by the NDR Chief Prosecutor of Cologne, Ulrich Bremer. “We didn’t list the districts so as not to interfere with the investigations conducted by the prosecution services there,” said Bremer. He was unable to say whether some of the suspects had been held in custody and whether or not there had been child abuse victims in northern Germany.

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After hitting the man from Wermelskirchen and dozens of other suspects, Interior Minister NRW Reul was shocked by the case. More on WDR.de on the outside

“I’m shocked and stunned”

The main suspect is the 44-year-old from Wermelskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was said that he largely confessed to the crimes. A childless and married worker offered his services as a babysitter online so that he could contact his victims, investigators in Cologne reported on Monday. He has also exchanged child pornography photos and videos of “unimaginable brutality” with dozens of other men. “I am shocked and stunned. I have never experienced such a degree of inhuman brutality and heartless indifference towards young children, their pain and screams, ‘said Cologne Police Commissioner Falk Schnabel.

Huge amounts of data secured

The youngest victim was only a month old. In addition, there are five other infants and disabled children among them. There is evidence that in some cases the children have been drugged. In total, 32 terabytes of data were secured – 3.5 million photos and 1.5 million videos. The brutal fantasies that were realized during the trial shocked even the experienced investigators. It is about “the most brutal rapes of babies and young children”. It is possible that the number of victims of abuse will continue to grow. So far, only ten percent of the data volume has been assessed.

Parents did not suspect

According to the investigators, the parents of the children never became suspicious of them. Some victims were also completely surprised by news from the police that they had been victims of the worst abuses years ago when they were young children. You have been offered help. The unpunished babysitter is said to have abused twelve children – ten boys and two girls – in the greater Cologne area. The crimes date back to 2005. To gain access to the 44-year-old’s unencrypted data, special forces defeated him last December when the computer was on during a videoconference with colleagues at work. Wermelskirchener was caught last November during an investigation into one of his interlocutors in Berlin.

Help for children: more artificial intelligence when assessing the amount of data

Rainer Becker, chairman of the board of Deutsche Kinderhilfe eV and longtime police chief, demanded that NDR MMV Live use more artificial intelligence (AI) when assessing secured data. It is almost impossible for individuals to evaluate this mass of data to track down the evidence. Another problem from his point of view is that in recent years the police have received significantly more work and money to investigate child pornography. That’s an additional five million euros from 2021. But from Becker’s point of view, the prosecution offices that need to continue the trial did not have them. From his point of view, it should be increased.

The number of childhood pronography cases in MV has doubled since 2019.

The number of cases of child pornography in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern increased to 510 between 2019 and 2021, more than doubled. This is due to the latest crime statistics presented by Interior Minister Christian Level (SPD) about a month ago. For comparison: ten years ago, there were 88 cases. Experts also attribute this increase to the fact that investigations into this segment of crime have expanded significantly and are often conducted internationally. There are more and more tips – most of them come from the USA. Websites such as Google and Facebook must report suspected child pornography to their child protection agency. Then it forwards it to competent authorities around the world.

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Police and the judiciary had to investigate far fewer murder and manslaughter cases. still

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Investigators are investigating a fraud complex in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Hamburg, among others. still

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