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The stock exchanges hovered today in a narrow range around yesterday’s close. There is still no significant stimulus. The relaxation of the blocking measures in China was received positively. However, it is still unclear when the associated multi-product supply bottlenecks can be overcome. Additionally, inflationary pressure and the related increase in bond market yields continue to slow the bulls. DAX®, CAC®40 and EuroStoxx®50 have changed little in the market.

After Europe, consolidation in the US bond markets ended and yields rose significantly again. Among other things, it had a negative impact on the prices of precious metals. Gold fell below $ 1,850 and the price of the ounce of silver fell below $ 22. There were also negative signals for the oil price. After yesterday’s increase to $ 125.3 a barrel of Brent crude oil, the price fell below $ 118 today.

company in focus

bmw today he laid the cornerstone for a new factory in Hungary. From 2025where the serial production of the first model based on a purely electric platform will begin. BMW’s share today and the share Mercedes Benz, Porsche and VW strong gas. The shares were supported today by optimistic comments from analysts Delivery hero. Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether the food supplier will continue to be listed in DAX®. The decision will be made on Friday. Lanxess today confirmed a break above the EUR 40 mark. SAP was boosted by the good performance of its competitor Salesforce. Real estate stocks such as LEG real estate and Wonowia however, they were under pressure.

Among the currently strongest strategy and topic indexes are hydrogen indices such as Global Hydrogen Index II as good as Hydrogen Selection Index, European Sector Rotation Index, this ESG Global Anti-Plastic Index and the Stoxx sector indexes cars and banks.

Bechtle, Deutsche Wohnen and Salzgitter I invite you to tomorrow’s general meeting.

Important meetings

  • Europe – producer prices in the euro area, April
  • USA – ADP Work Report, May
  • USA – Initial unemployment claims for the week ended May 28
  • USA – Productivity Q1, Final
  • USA – Industrial Orders, April

Chart: DAX®

Resistance markers: 14 575/14 820/15 285 points

Support Tokens: 13380/13600/13900/1420/14300 points

FROM DAX® it opened a resistance level of 14,575 points at the beginning of the week and has been in the consolidation since then. At the close of the trade, the leading index struggled with a mark of 14,400 points. The support zone 13 900/14 200 points is therefore still safe. There are buy signals at the earliest above 14.575 points.

DAX®in points; Daily chart (1 candle = 1 day)

Period of observation: January 19, 2021 – January 6, 2022. Historical observations are not reliable indicators of future events. Source: tradingdesk.onemarkets.de

DAX®in points; Weekly chart (1 candle = 1 week)

Observation period: 02/06/2014 – 01/06/2022. Historical observations are not reliable indicators of future events. Source: tradingdesk.onemarkets.de

Discounted purchase guarantees for DAX®

Essential WKN Selling price in euros basic priceinpoint Cap level (upper course limit) in point finalValuation day
DAX® HB6W46 3.03 * 14 100 14,600 August 16, 2022
DAX® HB6W4A 2.35 * 14,500 15,000 August 16, 2022
* maximum repayment amount of EUR 5; Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; Status: 010.6.2022; 5:00 p.m.

Sales guarantees with a discount on DAX®

Essential WKN Selling price in euros basic price inpoint Cap level (lower course limit) in points finalValuation day
DAX® HB6W5C 2.64 * 14 900 14,400 August 16, 2022
DAX® HB6W5G 3.37 * 15300 14 800 August 16, 2022
* Max. The repayment amount is 5 euros; Source: HypoVereinsbank onemarkets; Status: 06/01/2022 17:00

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Author: Richard Pathenhauer

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