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New Specialist Book “Technical Purchasing in Mechanical and Plant Engineering”, Manfred Richter, 84 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-3-98674-018-4

Technical procurement faces enormous challenges in the face of rapid technological advances and unknowns in supply chains. Purchasing expert Manfred Richter explains: “Traditionally, technical purchasing is always under pressure at all companies. Logistics needs to run smoothly, but with today’s supply bottlenecks, priorities have completely changed: it is particularly important now that production is on-going and security of supply is guaranteed when a new product is developed. “According to Richter’s experience, the challenge for many midsize companies is to manage this operational transformation along with their day-to-day business.” Companies must adapt to progressive deglobalization, says a purchasing expert, adding: “The whole world is still available as a source of purchasing. but every kilometer away and every single source carries a risk. Supplier base and logistics often have to adapt, coordinate and secure. In many cases, European suppliers will play a greater role in the future than before. ”The vital key to success does not lie outside but in-house, emphasizes Richter, explains: “A good technical purchasing department works closely with many other departments in the company. This cross-departmental and cross-functional collaboration is a key success factor.”

challenges in the years to come

The buyer points to another challenge for the future: Due to the rapid technological developments in electronics, especially microprocessors, memory and sensors and software, there is a risk that components, and thus entire systems, will quickly become “obsolete”. As an example, Richter cites the growing importance of updating and the necessary compatibility of hardware and software in an increasing number of devices, machines and technical systems. He explains: “In all of these cases, suppliers need to come up with consistent concepts about how systems can be updated.” In addition, the risk of hacking attacks is growing rapidly, according to a purchasing expert. Manfred Richter explains: “For pre-products with computer electronics, software and communication interfaces, it is important to make sure that there are no accidental or even intentional hacker gates, and if there are security holes, have a process at hand to connect them. . These aspects, neglected during purchases, may take their revenge on the company many years later. ”

Interim managers are considered particularly practical

Manfred Richter answers questions related to the new challenges in his current book, Technical Supply for Mechanical and Plant Engineering (ISBN 978-3-98674-018-4). The work, described by the author as “compact and practical”, was published in the series “Learning from Interim Managers”. This is published by the UN Diplomatic Council think tank together with United Interim, which is said to be the largest network of interim managers in German-speaking countries. Interim managers such as Manfred Richter are considered particularly practical as they learn more companies and operational challenges than any other professional group during their working lives. Since commencing temporary operations in 2016, Richter has completed seven projects at companies of all sizes and with different corporate cultures.

In his new book, he reflects his working knowledge of all common areas of technical purchasing. Among others, central and decentralized purchasing, purchasing networks with and without major buyers, corporate purchasing, centers of excellence, development competitions with suppliers, key factors for good prices, supplier base as a strategic competitive factor, benchmarking and requirements for technical buyers are discussed.

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