Festival: All kinds of fun and games for Children’s Day – Ilmenau

cowboys and squaw

On the meadow adjacent to the building, there were self-made teepee, a bonfire and, of course, places where the children could have fun. In tug of war, the girls showed the boys who were the strongest. As part of this project, the children also learned that in the days of the cowboys and the Indians, you had to hunt for your daily food. In the game, they did not hunt buffalo, but by throwing balls and rings they showed that they were not missing the target. On their self-made hobby horses, they indulged in bitter hunts or rode quietly in the meadow. Teepee defended small squaw mainly with harsh words. Even an experienced cowboy would not allow himself access. When looking for gold, everyone wanted a bag full of gold. To get to this, Sandsieben was on the agenda.

For horse races, children were provided with halter machines with reins, which were especially liked by children, including the youngest. So that everyone can play the role of a horse. The neigh worked well and was heard from a distance. Fun and play make you thirsty, that’s for sure. To put it out there was sparkling water. All staff involved in organizing Children’s Day at Frauenwalder Hasenland, including the trainee, who was tied to the stake at the end. He was released again to eat the sausage, but there was a line of ice cream waiting for dessert.

With “Sunshine” at the Gehren Kindergarten, Children’s Day was again the highlight of the researchers’ week. As the “Little Researcher House” there are always different project days around June 1, during which experiments are carried out in a fun way and topics are explored. The puppet theater on Wednesday morning went very well with the current theme of nature, earth, flora and fauna: Jörg Schmidt presented his new play “Monika Häuschen and the dung beetle” to the older children. Younger children meanwhile dance in the garden with their teachers to children’s songs, paint their faces and celebrate their children’s day in this way. After lunch, there was a queue of snacks and fruit punch for children, and the children’s day in kindergarten ended in a pleasant atmosphere in the garden.

There was also a special gift for the big and small sun: The Gehren Fire Association donated a flea market income of € 482.22 on the open day to the Gehren Nursery Support Association. This money should be used to finance a small playhouse.

New play equipment

On Children’s Day, the steppes from the Schmiedefelder Guts Muths kindergarten were also surprised by a unique surprise – though mainly for the youngest, i.e. up to the age of three. Brand new play equipment was inaugurated and immediately taken over by boys and girls. “Before we only had a sandbox here, there was nothing else for our little ones. The children waited longingly for the new device. Although it was founded in the fall, it could not be used due to the winter. The area was fenced – to this day, ”said facility manager Antje Köhler on Wednesday. Special feature: Not only larch wood, but also the color of the wood and the greenery would match the nature of the facility, says Mayor of Suhl Jan Turczyński.

Climb, slide, hide, dig and build sandcastles with the sand toys the mayor of Reinhart Pulvers had with him: It was a lot of fun for the kids. The mayor of the district was glad that this made the kindergarten even more attractive and is now in very good condition – even after a major renovation after considerable flooding a few years ago. He also praised the staff. According to the mayor of Suhl, the new device cost 8,000 euros, and another 8,000 euros were needed for fall protection and assembly. Both Antje Köhler and Jan Turczyński thanked the parents’ representatives for the demolition of the sandbox and the old fence. “We educators create freedom, for children it is a joyful space” – summed up the nursery director’s new achievement. In the third week of June, sand should also be replaced on large play equipment. In the future, this playhouse will also be refurbished, says Claudia Petter from Suhl, which was recently responsible for planning and construction.

Children’s Day in Schmiedefeld also featured a magic show, tossing cans, building anti-stress balls, face painting and lots of treats. Six children from the Gehlberg facility also visited in the morning.

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