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Greeting cards can be used for various occasions for sending and giving away personal messages. They are perfect for a gift as well as an addition to a bouquet of flowers or a gift. The occasions are just as diverse as the design options.

A variety of design options

If the selection of greeting cards was once limited, nowadays you can enjoy a great selection of card models on the Internet. They can be personalized and printed with personal themes, images and texts of your choice. This way you will find the right card for every occasion and every taste. A diverse selection of different card designs is available at

Milestones can be marked with a card and saved as a reminder. As in many areas of life, you don’t have to compromise on an environmentally conscious choice when creating printed maps. Many cards are made of recycled paper and produced with FSC-certified printers. Despite taking care of the natural environment in the production of modern greeting cards, you do not have to sacrifice high-quality printing. On the contrary, modern technologies enable high-quality, razor-sharp printing.

Stylish and welcome

Smartphones have changed everyday life. Nevertheless, a greeting card is still welcome. It used to be obvious to find personal congratulations in the form of cards in the mailbox on birthday. To this day, it remains a gesture of love that is especially appreciated by all generations. There are many reasons why you should send or donate a greeting card. As there are many occasions to celebrate, it is also possible to express this special day with a greeting card.

Cards as a creative packaging

A greeting card is suitable not only for mailing, but also for personal delivery. This method is especially popular for giving cash or gift vouchers on a greeting card. This gives you the option of giving your gift a personal touch, not just handing out cash in a gray white envelope. A money gift looks more personal and loving with a greeting card. In the end, efforts were made to select a card and perfectly match it to the personal taste of the recipient.

Finding the right gift is often difficult. Is it because you don’t know what to give as a gift or the recipient already has everything they need and don’t want anything. Cash gifts and gift certificates are well received by young and old alike. It is not only a great gift idea for a birthday, but also for a child’s birth, wedding, confirmation or prom. The possibilities are manifold. If there’s something to celebrate with a variety of design options, you can use the card to give a stylish yet personal gift.

If you cannot attend the celebration in person, mailing is also a popular gift option. Photo cards are especially popular. You can easily create these special cards online and print them with your personal motifs. Pictures and personal texts are suitable for this. These cards are popular because of the possibility of creating a unique design and are very fun with little effort.

Unique design possibilities thanks to modern technology

Not only the greeting card design can be created individually and adapted to your wishes. It is also possible to send a video message with a greeting card. It works very easily. When creating greeting cards, some vendors allow you to upload video in the design tool. The manufacturer prints a QR code on the card, making the film available to the recipient. The recipient scans the code with a smartphone and can enjoy a personal and unique video message.

No matter how diverse the occasions for celebration are, there are just as many ways to distribute very personal cards. Imagination has no limits when it comes to design options. It’s no wonder that greeting cards have not reached the age of majority to this day, but they are still very popular.

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