How much are Diddl & Polly Pocket worth today?

June 1, 2022 – 2:10 pm watch

A family man who gets a small fortune of 39,000 euros for a collection of Pokémon or a Disney videotape that enriches their owners – such reports continue to crop up. A rare edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is currently being auctioned at Christie’s – with a starting price of almost € 235,000! Find out what makes a children’s book so special and so expensive in a movie.

No wonder you ask yourself: do I have a few more treasures lying in the nursery or in the attic?

Surprise Egg Characters

If you collect Mystery Egg figures, you might be in luck. Some of them can bring a lot of ash. Here you can find out which of the little Ü-egg figurines are sold particularly high.

Pocket Polly

Anyone who buys their children new toys from “Polly Pocket” today will find that they no longer have much in common with the iconic toys from the 90s. At first, Bluebird figures were tiny. The small dolls that were in a matching box measured about one centimeter.

After being acquired by Mattel in 1998, Polly Pocket continued to grow. If you still have the figures and boxes that were with them when Bluebird was still making them (from 1989 to 1998), you can make quite a lot of money out of them. Collectors bid up to 1,000 euros for toys in advertisements on Ebay. Rare and above all original packaged editions are sometimes sold for more than 3,000 euros.

Diddl stuff

For many of us, the Diddl mouse was an inseparable companion: as a stuffed animal, it lay in bed with us or dangled in a slightly smaller size on our backpack, for every possible occasion there was a Diddl postcard and we exchanged a Diddl piece of sheets on the school playground.

Especially the latter have gained value among collectors. For example, you can sell individual block sheets for around € 6 each. Entire bricks, which are still complete, cost around 60 euros, and entire collections are sometimes offered for 150 euros.


Do you remember those mythical creatures that had a little secret compartment that was lockable? In fact, another mini-toy lived there, but the hideout was good for letters and the like as well.

Today, individual toys change hands on eBay for up to 130 euros, and complete collections can be asked for even more.

He-Man characters

“Thanks to the power of Grayskull, I have magical powers!” Words that once resounded in every nursery – after all, Mattel action figures based on He-Man and related animated series were iconic!

Even today, these numbers are still worth a lot. For the He-Man and Battlecat included, you can ask for up to 140 euros when selling online. The skeleton and its velvet panther currently sell for around 500 euros. Grayskull Castle is available for less than 350 euros.


The first Barbie in 1959 is now worth over 25,000 euros. At least one doll still in its original packaging was sold for this price at an auction in California in 2006. But other rare specimens of probably the most famous doll in the world today repeatedly bring their purchasing value.

The value of each doll varies from person to person. Collections are offered in sets or sold individually.

Lego bricks

Almost everyone had Lego bricks at home as well – and in attics and basements there are still whole boxes lying around. You can also turn small blocks into money. The entire collections are especially valuable. According to, the entire Lego Star Wars collection was put up for auction in Great Britain for the equivalent of 9,000 euros.

The 2007 Millennium Falcon costs around € 3,000 to be used today, while the Café Corner from the same year is sold new for € 4,000. So let’s check it out!

game consoles

Do you still have an old Gameboy, Nintendo or other game console at home – preferably with iconic games of the time? Even retro consoles bring a lot of ash these days.

The Gameboy Classic today costs from 80 to 150 euros, and the Super Nintendo from 55 to 100 euros – if they are in the original packaging, a little more. It’s also a criterion that makes games extremely valuable. According to “”, the Super Nintendo game “Mega Man X3” costs up to 1,500 euros.

What if you have old toys at home?

If you have some of these treasures at home, or are unsure if your toys are worth anything, you will find many expert lists on the Internet with price catalogs. However, you can try listing your stuff on sites like Ebay Classifieds and see if anyone is interested. Flea markets are also a good opportunity to talk with collectors.

However, if the memories related to your treasures are worth more than the potential reward, just keep them. They won’t lose their value over the years if you handle them carefully. Who knows, maybe someday the right moment will come to turn the memories from a child’s room into real money.

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