Pirna: Sad news for Children’s Day: more and more violence

Sad news for Children’s Day: more and more violence

What can adults do about it, who can help them in the SOE County, and what the childminder wants.

Children’s Day is gifts for children – and for adults to reflect on their responsibility.
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Andreas Glöckner gives his daughter something for Children’s Day that costs no money but is infinitely precious: time. Time to play. And he does not take them only on Children’s Day and not only for his daughter. Glöckner is a school social worker at the Schmiedeberg cooperative school for the German Association for the Protection of Children in the county. It focuses on the concepts of child protection. Unfortunately, it has a lot to do with it.

Often it’s the hidden things that endanger children, says Glöckner. High on the list is healthy media use. Glöckner is currently working with three students who have crossed the line from healthy to unhealthy. Parents are not to blame for this. Installing the right software on computers is not that difficult. There are also a lot of advice options, says Glöckner.

Accept no

Domestic violence is an experience that too many children still experience. It can be punches or words. “Not all scolds are violent,” says Glöckner, without judging parents or adults because they too have their limits. “But it’s always about a stable relationship.” This means, for example, accepting the child’s refusal – even if it is difficult for grandma or aunties to do so when the grandson or nephew does not want to kiss. Nonviolent parenting takes time because it requires you to talk to yourself.

Stable children find themselves in life as well as in precarious situations, says Glöckner. One of the campaigns for the Non-Violent Education Day on April 30 was called “Hold Me” and is still relevant today. Glöckner does not judge parents or adults, but speaks of their responsibility. “A good bond between parents and children is the best prerequisite for making the ideal of non-violent education a reality.” The rise in violent crime in police statistics shows that he, all caregivers of children and adults still have a long way to go.

Helping adults pay attention

On Tuesday, a specialized day at the Pirna Vocational Training Center was dedicated in particular to sexual violence in families. The speaker was Ursula Enders, co-founder of the federal prevention association “Zartbitter”, specialist and author of books for children. About eighty specialists from schools, community centers, child and youth care and family counseling participated in the conference. The conference started a week of child protection in the district. This also shows how big the problem is.

Other dates for Child Protection Week are:

  • June 1: 9.00-15.00, Sexual Violence Among Children and Young People in the Analogue and Digital Space, Martin-Luther-King-Haus, Schmiedeberg, Lutherplatz 24
  • June 2: 9.00-15.00, Abuses in institutions and organizations by adults, vocational training center, Pillnitzer Straße 13 A, Pirna

The County Office has published a review of preventive measures. They are aimed at children and adolescents, as well as parents and professionals. The offers are aimed at imparting knowledge and helping to raise awareness.

Helping children to be brave

The “Courageous Children” project of the “Citizen Courage” campaign also has something to do with children’s rights. On Monday’s Children’s Day, the Soroptimists made a donation of 10,000 euros. “Children With Courage” is an offer for nurseries, community centers and primary schools in the district. “With this project, we are responding to a strong need that is particularly evident in promoting democracy in childhood,” says Claudia Weichelt. He has been managing his offer since 2017. Since then, there has been continuous cooperation with some schools, e.g. from 2018 with the Awo-Hort Primary School of Pirna-Zehista Primary School.

It is about peaceful quarrels, tolerance of dissent, teaching children’s rights and encouraging children to represent their own interests. The Soroptimists’ donation allows the institution to accompany the institution for one year. This includes further education and training offers for children. A popular topic is “IKPL – I can solve problems”. Here, children learn that there can always be more than one solution to a problem.

Contacts for children, parents, affected people and more

  • Andreas Glöckner, school social worker, process consultant for protection concepts, tel. 03504 6941542, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Claudia Weichelt, project manager for Courged Children, tel. 03501 7798503, [email protected]
  • District Youth Welfare Office, Department of Preventive Child Protection, Early Help, Schloßhof 2/4, 01796 Pirna, tel. 03501 515 2161, e-mail: [email protected]
  • District Officer for Equal Opportunities, Teresa Schubert, tel. 03501 515 1010, e-mail: [email protected]

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Dohna recalls the convention on children’s rights on the city’s website and recommends giving it to children with sweets and a welcome gift in the form of money from their grandmother. The UN Convention, which entered into force in 1990, states, inter alia: “The constitutional rights of children, including the right to develop into independent personalities, must be respected and protected. The best interests of the child should be taken into account. The constitutional right of children to be heard must be protected. The primary responsibility of the parents remains unaffected. ”

From this stems the wish of Andreas Glöckner for Children’s Day. I wish children to parents who recognize and respect the limitations of children and all of them joy and fun in difficult times.

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