Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on Nintendo Switch in Short Test: New Monster Hunt is Great Fun


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. We’ve already played an action RPG and we’ll tell you in a short test how cool it is.

We’ve already tested the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak before. (Source: Capcom screenshot)

If the thought of hunting a monster makes you feel adrenaline and bloody, you can satisfy your longings with Sunbreak, the new Monster Hunter Rise expansion for PC and Nintendo Switch coming June 30, 2022.

Fans of the franchise are likely to be about to buy the game already, as we did with the new monster Lunagaron in our introductory session with the publisher Capcom.

Go to Elgado, a remote outpost in a different land where new monsters appear. One of them is Lunagaron, the blue wyvern. In a cooperative game, we throw ourselves into the fray, but it quickly becomes clear that it won’t be a piece of cake. The monster’s sudden leaps and blows deal a lot of damage. Lunagaron has a tendency to lick us with his fangs – it hurts.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak is an expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. You can get some impressions from these photos.

As usual with Monster Hunter, you should think carefully about your approach and try out all the available tactics. So you really should play in a band to increase the fun as well as your chances of success. There are also various objects such as throwing weapons and possible attacks from elevated platforms. These are just a few options. Maybe you have your own idea of ​​defeating the monster and suddenly you realize it works.

You may not want to engage in combat too quickly, for example if a monster is engaged with another creature. Here it is important to use the right moment to your advantage and this is what makes many hunts so attractive.

As inexperienced Monster Hunter players, we especially feel the increased difficulty of Sunbreak, but we’re glad it’s not too easy. “It’s supposed to be a fun challenge after all,” says the Elden Ring player in us.

New follower assignments

In the new trailer co-op mission, one of the new NPCs is on our side as a companion and helps in hunting new monsters. We are happy that if we do not necessarily want to play online with other players. It also gives a little more life to monster hunting if a buddy does a spell every now and then.

A round game on Nintendo Switch

The best way to control characters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is to use the Switch Pro controller. If the console is docked, you can conveniently play it on your TV. But it can also be hunted well in manual mode.

The game runs smooth enough on the Switch to keep it fun. The frame rate isn’t that high, but we didn’t notice any nasty stuttering during the test session.

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I’m glad how beautifully and dramatically the music begins when a monster chases us. Then we immediately know that perhaps we should turn around to avoid being trampled from behind.

In addition to new quests, game environments, monsters and characters, there are new actions for 14 weapon categories and new bugs. They give you bonuses that allow you to enjoy increased attack bonuses while riding your horse.

What could be better

Hunting monsters improves the mood, but for the most part the positive feeling is somewhat distorted by the confusion in combat that some Monster Hunter veterans among you may be used to. In addition, graphically it is not an absolute treat that really impresses.

Complete beginners may also consider purchasing Sunbreak. However, new missions can only be played after completing Monster Hunter Rise. However, Sunbreak provides an extra set of armor and weapons that should make your progress in the main game easier.

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With Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, fans of the brand get more content to get wild, and those who have just started the main game can also consider purchasing it with the bonus kit. Then nothing should stand in the way of your monstrous adventure.

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