Sandberg’s withdrawal from Facebook will change things

S.Heryl Sandberg is leaving, and in the future there will be no more people like her. This is a new starting point for Meta, Facebook’s parent company. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the news of Sandberg’s resignation to announce a senior management change that will consolidate even more power in his hands than before.

Although Sandberg is due to be replaced as Chief Operating Officer (COO), her successor, Javier Olivan, is expected to be assigned less tasks than she is and to concentrate on the actual day-to-day work. In addition, more managers who previously reported to Sandberg will now report directly to Zuckerberg. This has been the case recently with Nick Clegg, who is responsible for communications, policy and regulatory affairs, and chief advisor to Jennifer Newstead. In the future, HR manager Lori Goler will also report to Zuckerberg himself.

Change in the structure of power

The CEO said Sandberg has “defined her role as COO in her own unique way,” but now is the time to “integrate” the various divisions of the company more closely, which means that she will subject them to her direct supervision . Saying goodbye to Sandberg is a turning point in two respects: one of the most prominent managers in the technology industry is leaving the Internet giant, and her current position is also losing importance.

Sandberg has been with the company for 14 years and plans to resign this fall. She announced her resignation in a long post on Facebook, without giving any specific reason. “It’s time for me to write the next chapter in my life,” she said vaguely. She mentioned that she wanted to spend more time on her foundation and charity work in general, and also mentioned that she was getting married this summer.

Perhaps, to counteract speculation about possible misunderstandings, the 52-year-old manager said she still believed in the internet company’s mission and would remain attached to it on the board. Her job was the privilege of her life, she originally hoped to remain in this position for only five years. It only touched on the fact that the company has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Sometimes it was about data protection breaches, sometimes it was about disseminating false information, sometimes it was a lack of determination to fight hate speech and other toxic content. Sandberg now wrote that the social media debate has changed dramatically and “to say it wasn’t always easy would be an understatement.”

Zuckerberg published a separate entry in which he praised his long-time colleague, but on the other hand, he distanced himself a bit from the Sandberg era, announcing a new division of roles. He called Sandberg a “superstar” and “good friend and partner.” He said it was unusual for a business partnership to last so long.

Known as a successful woman

For many years, Sandberg and Zuckerberg formed one of the most famous leadership duos in the corporate world. Even if she was number two in the company, she could rival her boss in importance. She has often represented Meta outside, be it in panel discussions or at the World Economic Forum in Davos. She was a more elegant representative than Zuckerberg. She regularly appeared on the lists of the most powerful women in business.

She also made a name for herself beyond her regular work, most notably with the Lean In career counselor, published nine years ago, in which she encouraged women to lead their careers more. In 2017, she published another book inspired by her husband’s death, in which she wrote about dealing with traumatic events.

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