Summary of the cup semi-final: HCE finds its champion in Magdeburg – Erlangen

“That opponent was just a size too big!” In the HC Erlangen semi-final, he must bow to SC Magdeburg, the absolute dominant of handball in Germany, at 22:30 (13:17). HCE initially met SCM on an equal footing before its consistency and quality impressively dominated the impressive atmosphere.

“We just want to be happy,” said Carsten Bissel, chief executive officer of HC Erlangen. Few weeks ago. And this is how he expressed his great anticipation for the Final Four tournament in Hamburg. HCE – Unlike other title contenders for the first time at the barclays Arena winners’ climate freestyle, where the cup winner is nominated for the last time before the big event moves to Cologne this weekend, he wanted to have a good time with his have a nice trip there. And if possible, even create something historical.

“Time to make history” is the slogan they wrote on the wardrobe door in the place of their longing for German handball. This is what Erlangen’s flagship handballers were striving for, saying goodbye to SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Wetzlar and Gummersbach on the way to the Hanseatic city.

In an unbelievable atmosphere – fueled by over 1,000 HCE fans singing, jumping and waving 700 glittering flags – at the start of the semi-final, outsiders really met SC Magdeburg at eye level. Simon Jeppsson found Steffen Fäth in half left, who responded just before a minute to SCM’s early lead and Sebastian Firnhaber on the wheel, which meant Erlangen equalized again. A great double intervention by Klemen Ferlin, but also a converted seven meter throw of Gisla Thorgeir Kristjansson from Magdeburg. Later, the clever assist was in place with his brilliant 3: 3 (5) throw.

Almost in front

The fact that HCE stayed with the music in the noisy arena was partly due to Antonio Metzner, who with his magnetic pursuit of the goal was valuable to Erlangen, who were reluctant to the favorites. In the eighth minute, by a hair weaker, did not take the lead, but Johannes Sellin missed the 6: 5 chance after Christopher Bissel changed sides. Thanks to his unflagging strength, Magdeburg gained the upper hand during the game. But HCE? It was impossible to shake it off. Tim Zechel became important on the wheel, Sellin now scored after Bissel’s pass. The strong Bundesliga dominator Magdeburg has only four drawbacks in league operations, but he has remained ruthless.

In the second half of the first round, SCM came to 13: 9, to the delight of their fans, who welcomed it with maddened shouts. When Metzner netted the goal again in the 21st minute, HCE still netted two goals. Despite his willpower, due to a little sloppy in the offensive presentation, Steinert’s bad luck with aluminum and Magdeburg’s brutally strong defense from Erlangen’s point of view, the break was still 13:17.

HC Erlangen was also not bad after the break. Magdeburg? It was just better. Martin Ziemer, who replaced Ferlin between the posts, made great savings from time to time. On the other hand, goalkeeper Jannick Green did not want to be worse. “SCM rules here,” chanted fans of the Bundesliga champions.

With the score 21:15 for Magdeburg, HCE coach Raul Alonso took another break. However, like Erlangen’s return to his game record, this shouldn’t be a twist.

Erlangen scored too irregularly from the backcourt, Lukas Merten’s fantastic lobbing on the other side and Green’s seven-meter intervention against Jeppsson immensely boosted Mageburg’s supporters. Whenever HCE was getting ready to do something with what he certainly did, SCM had the answer. Even the toughness Bissel put on cup day against Kristjansson couldn’t stop the Magdeburg machine. When Steinert scored at 20:26, only eleven minutes remained – when Büdel shook the bar, only nine.

Uninterrupted drumming

Sovereign Magdeburg could not achieve a well-deserved victory. Even though the faces of the HCE players lengthened, Erlangen fans were not discouraged from playing the drums. HC Erlangen was still enjoying the trip to a place of longing for German handball.

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