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Fewer theater performances than last year, but the exploration of sound and a lot of fun with role reversal – this was what the 13th edition of the Herrenhausen Art Festival in Hanover offered, which for the first time since the beginning of the year could be held in its entirety. pandemic.

During the weekend, the interspecies festival once again delighted with a dance performance: “Ensaio para uma cartografia” from Portugal.

Nudity as a connecting element

In the dance performance “Ensaio para uma cartografia” from Portugal, nudity is the connecting element.

To the sounds of the orchestra rehearsal from the loudspeakers, 13 women lined up in a V formation. Music and the conductor’s voice alternately. He stops the game over and over, and the dancers start over and over. As after a crisis in which a new path has to be found, says Mónica Calle, who, with her theater collective Casa Compatiblee in Lisbon, repeatedly introduces people in transition. Each crisis is individual, but there is a common element here: all women are naked.

“It is the unity of the bodies, but they are completely different. Costumes can hide it, ”explains Cale. “Our bodies are of different ages, each has a certain fragility, a certain muscularity, it is specific. It gives the opportunity to look at so many different female bodies without masking our change. It is an opportunity for the public to recognize our bodies on our journey ”.

Recurring theme: Away from the imperatives of perfectionism

A journey from the dictatorship of perfectionism, from common execution practices – a recurring theme at the Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen. Inspired by the works of Alois Zimmermann, a diverse group danced in Stephanie Thiersch’s surreal “Image Battles”. Meanwhile, the Siècle Orchestra revolted and sent the conductor to the stage as a dancer. In “First Pictures of Arrangements”, pianist Clara Frühstück let her piano roll through the long, baroque Orangery.

Rainer Hofmann presents the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen program © Bührig Photo: Bührig

Rainer Hofmann was the lead playwright at the Herrenhausen Art Festival in 2022 for the first time.

Down Rainer Hofmann, this year’s first major playwright The Herrenhausen Art Festival, an impulse to reflect even more on the halls. “We have, of course, very unusual spaces: gardens, a gallery – this 17th-century ballroom,” he says. “We have to look again: how to wisely deal with these spaces, what fits there and what doesn’t? So re-examine very specific aspects of this festival. “

Spherical installations and many choirs


The commissioned work “rwh 1-4” by the French composer Marc André was sounded at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie with six choirs.

The installation “Looking-Glass House” by Amsterdam artists Andrea Božić and Julia Willms in Arne Jacobsen’s foyer functioned with virtually no space. Spherical tinnitus, white goggles on the nose, visitors watched the changing colors of the surface. On the other hand, the piece commissioned “rwh 1-4” by the French composer Marc André sounded in the hall under the dome and the Elbphilharmonie, which clearly included the hall – with six choirs.

Singing will also play a role in the coming year

Singing will also play a role in Hanover next year, says Ingo Metzmacher, director of the Herrenhausen Art Festival, at Mahler’s 8th Symphony. “It has to do with the fact that we have so many great choirs in the city,” he says. “It’s actually a choral piece, also known as the” Symphony of a Thousand, “though Mahler did not call it that himself. It just made sense to work with the NDR Radio Philharmonic, the University of Music, Theater and Media and Hannoverner to continue the choirs and it is almost obvious that you are playing Mahler’s 8th Symphony.

It remains to be hoped that another powerful piece of art will appear in the Herrenhausen gardens. After an artfully lit large fountain in 2020 and a contemplative canal cruise last year, this year the potential of a large garden has not been put to good use.

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At the Herrenhausen Art Festival, the emphasis is on the community. Interview with chief playwright Rainer Hofmann. still

Several orchestras and choirs rehearse in the dome hall in Hanover © NDR / Amrei Flechsig Photo: Amrei Flechsig

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