Torghast is now what it should be at launch !!!

Like every expansion pack for WoW, Shadowlands also had a lot of new features when it started in late 2020 – from packs to events to the Maw. And as with the previous add-ons, not all of these features were really convincing this time. It’s been nothing unusual so far. It also doesn’t matter if there’s a non-stop feature as long as there are enough other things to enjoy. But it gets bitter when you see at first glance that the feature could have been really good. It’s especially bitter when this feature also shows towards the end of the expansion pack how much fun it can be – when it’s no longer relevant.

What does that mean in this case Torghast, the infinite tower. The Guardian’s Prison at the heart of the Maw. The potential of this feature has already been seen in the Shadowlands beta. However, after various tweaks to the live server came a version that featured little of what the developers once announced and what players would like. A few tweaks and rework later, Torghast is now at least half of what it should have been from the start. And it could be!

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