DFB-ePokal: sensations and suspense until the end – the virtual cup also has its rights

Just like the real DFB cup, the virtual leg also had its own cup experience. In DFB-ePokal powered by ERGO, some of the weaker ones celebrated sensations – it was rarely boring and bright.

Who will get the trophy?

As you know, the cup has its own rules. However, this applies not only to the real model, but also to its virtual branch – DFB-ePokal. The sixteenth final showed why.

One goal difference

Many amateur clubs sensed this sensation in the first few matches. However, it takes two successes out of three virtual lawn games to advance to the next round. For example, Haching eSports almost missed the 20/21 – 1st FC Heidenheim VBL-CC champions. Only Burak ‘Burak__May’ May redeemed his team in decisive.

On the other hand, FC Augsburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach went the other way. “Foals” lost in the third game against TSG Eintracht Immenbeck. First, the weaker presented himself and sent Borussia with much more pressure to the second game. The Gladbachers parried the match ball, but the sensation was only delayed. David “L2_Perla” Perlitz decided the last battle of nerves for Immenbeck with a 3-2 win against Eleftherios “Lefti” Ilia.

Equally exciting was SG Ensingen / Grolsheim and FC Augsburg. Here, too, the favorite was in extra time, even, but in the decisive match he was in a worse position. ‘N1ckstar’ led 2-1 against Christoph ‘xThePunisher-96’ Geule.

Two is better

But it shouldn’t stay that way. Because: The next day of the 1/8 finals also had its surprises and curiosities. Thus, SP9Esports managed to put an end to the newly crowned VBL-CC champion RB Leipzig. Mario “MMayo” Reubold and Niklas “NRaseck” Raseck secured the victory in both games. A tailor-made debut for Raseck – it was specially signed for this tournament.

Also interesting: a professional from Bochum, Sebastian Polter, entered two teams for the competition. On the one hand, the “young wild” who lost to Werder Bremen in the previous round. Plus a troupe with more experienced players.

But with RB Leipzig, not the only favorite has been knocked out. Defender of the title B360 Denzlingen also had to admit defeat in the eighth-finals. Hamburger SV had an advantage in both games.

The end of sleep for the weak – a drama between Cologne and Ingolstadt

The dream of the weaker is also over. It all started well for “L2_Perl”. In the penalty shootout, he and Riad “itsriaad” Fazlija gave nothing to each other – until they died suddenly. The Hanoverian aimed at the top left corner, but Perlitz guessed the corner. The decisive shot was fired without humor inside.

However, the joy was short-lived. Jannik “Testotier” Berg contributed 96 to the decisive match in which Can “Cankoos06” Tuna barely won 1-0. The most important moment of the match: ‘L2_Perla’ had a decision in his mind in the first match. In extra time he was already leading 2-1 and in the 105th minute he almost reached 3-1 thanks to the Scorpion Kick. However, Fazlija’s goalkeeper and the crossbar objected. SG Ensingen / Grolsheim lost to FC St. Pauli in two games.

It became dramatic in the duel of the two VBL teams from Cologne and Ingolstadt. As Domstadt went almost 1-0 in the first leg, the pressure was on Timo “TimoX” Siep in the second leg. At 2: 2 there was extra time – everything looked like penalty kicks. But Tim “TheStrxngeR” Katnawatos didn’t want it to come that far. In the 112th minute he kept control in the confusion and played to the right. From six meters he gave Sieps Keeper no chance – decision.

Heidenheimers at the last minute

The day of the quarter-finals started with a lot of emotions. Starting with 1. FC Heidenheim and Hamburger SV. In this game, the last minute was especially kind to Heidenheim. First, Deniel ‘Denii_10’ Mutic scored the winning goal just before the final whistle, followed by Burak May, who decided to play just before the end of the third game. He kept control in the penalty area, he threw it once, his player only had to push the ball over the line.

1. FC Köln follows Heidenheim in the semi-finals. They were dealing with the Leipzig SP9Esport winner. And this match was a success: three matches, including penalty kicks, were necessary to make a tight decision. Ultimately, it was Michael “Phenomeno” Gherman who missed one too many. Denis “Denis” Müller reached deep into his bag of tricks. In the most important attempt, he moved his goalkeeper all the way to the left. Gherman tossed in the middle – easy prey and ecstasy in Cologne.

Certainly, there was also FOKUS. After the defeat in the belt, Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous remained calm. Harkous won 2-0, the world champion coach Matthias “STYLO” Hietsch defeated him perfectly thanks to reaching the semi-finals 4: 1.

FC St. Pauli. They played an exciting game from the north against SV Werder Bremen. Like “Kiez-Kicker”, SVW made it through the tournament unbeaten. This seemed to hold on for this pair as well. But Mustafa “xMustii” Cankal and Kamal “Kamal” Kamboj objected. They turned the game in favor of their team.

The Hanseatic city will face FOKUS in the semi-finals. Heidenheim must play against 1. FC Köln.

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