Munich: Eric Clapton’s concert at Olympiahalle – Munich

Mom raises her thumb and says something that is lost in the noise of the last applause in the Olympic hall. I think that means Eric Clapton did a good job. Probably even better than in 2019 on his last tour. Mutter has a comparison, she was present at the concert in Wiener Stadthalle.

We gave her a card for her 80th birthday. In 2020, we wanted to go a step further, it was supposed to be the year of Mum’s big concert, we secured her tickets for Sting, Santana and Clapton again, this time in Munich. Back then, nothing happened at first, everything stopped. The cards fell into her drawer by the bed, and her mother said curtly, “We’ll have to hold on now, Eric and I.”

Unpretentious, without a bit of genius, but still impressive: Eric Clapton at the Olympic Hall.

(photo by Stefan M. Prager)

Do you, music is a beautiful survival tool. Even if three weeks ago, Clapton was caught by a virus that turned him into one of those inept thinkers. Comparing the blockade in Britain to slavery, Erika, because that’s the name of mom, who was one of the first to get vaccinated, thought it was a bit silly. After all, he is not an uncritical worshiper. But a 77-year-old patient at risk seems to be coping well with Covid.

Unpretentious in worn-out jeans, sneakers and a beige jacket, he cultivates from the very first moment the customary cult of effortlessness (“Pretend”) and apologizes with British kindness to all who did not return tickets: “Sorry, we were late – two years.” Applause from the ranks of the Olympic Hall, which It was two-thirds full.Almost silver lake. “I’m not the oldest here,” says mum with satisfaction, who likes to fall asleep to classical music in dance-floor concert halls, tired of boredom.

Eric Clapton in Munich:

“I’m not the oldest here”: Erik’s mother at Eric Clapton’s concert at the Olympic Hall.

(Photo: private)

Here, however, there are energy injections, not only for many retirees. Clapton and his world-class musicians are distributing blues in a can with a sovereign routine. It’s almost as if they got together privately to jam on stage under a not-so-spectacular light show; Nathan East (bass), Paul Carrack and Chris Stainton (keyboards), Doyle Bramhall II (guitar) and Sharon White and Katie Kissoon (vocals). And we can witness this somehow self-sufficient high mass when the master, without any impulses of genius, rises to his still brilliant solos and sings in a voice that has survived all erosion processes well. On the two screens on the right and left of the stage you can admire the magical close-up of fingers in black and white.

Clapton and Co. work on their program, smoothly and somehow unfazed, going from the full regge of “I Shot the Sherif” to Cream-Breaker “White Room” is gone. “Drifting”, “Badge”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Crossroads”, “Little Queen Of Spades” drift alongside. Sometimes we wish for at least a little (applause) breaks to give them our accumulated sympathy and enthusiasm through this protective reference to excellence. But ok, Clapton has never been a great communicator.

He was great, Eric

Only once does something pleasantly unforeseen happen, even if not only mom is holding her breath for a moment. With “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out”, the second song of Clapton’s “acoustic seat sets”, the fairly well-controlled sound technology somehow falls off the track and has to face its signature Martin acoustic electric guitar. He does it very casually.

The evening ends – after all, the audience is charged and has long been standing – “Cocaine” and Clapton’s favorite encore “High Time We Went”. the only one “At the end he didn’t say thank you” – that’s the only objection we have to this almost perfect concert evening. He was great, Eric, but in 2023 he wants to see Bruce Springsteen at the Olympic Stadium. Run mom, we have tickets!

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