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Status: 02/06/2022 16:40

A major refurbishment of the A23 near Halstenbek from 11 July

The A23 near Halstenbek will become a bottleneck from 11 July. Autobahn GmbH Nord has announced extensive construction work in the area. It starts by blocking the Eidelstedt junction and narrowing the four-kilometer route to Halstenbek Krupunder to one lane. Planners are concerned that the transition to quiet asphalt and the construction of a new soundproof wall will lead to significant traffic jams, especially during rush hours in the morning and late afternoon. Drilling revealed that the A23 road between Halstenbek and Pinneberg is in dire straits and will require further refurbishment in the next few years. By the end of the year, the section to Halstenbek will be repaired for seven million euros. Next year it will be the opposite direction. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 02/06/2022 16:30

Ticket € 9: Extra buses on weekends in June

The Nordbahn expects the € 9 ticket to increase the number of passengers – especially over the Pentecost weekend. For this reason, additional express buses run between the popular holiday resorts of Büsum and Heide on weekends and public holidays. Buses are also used between Neumünster and Bad Oldesloe for reinforcement purposes. The RB 82 bus runs directly – i.e. without intermediate stops – between Neumünster, Bad Segeberg and Bad Oldesloe. They leave Neumünster and Bad Oldesloe ten minutes after the regular trains depart. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 03/06/2022 8:30

A lone wolf in SH killed 16 head of cattle

A single wolf can be traced to up to 16 livestock killed in Schleswig-Holstein in recent months. The animal with the ID “GW2441m” has repeatedly caught individual sheep – informed the State Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas (LLUR). Wilk was active in the counties of Segeberg, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Steinburg and Schleswig-Flensburg. According to the LLUR, more sightings of wolves and the killing of sheep have been documented in recent weeks. However, none of the animals was as active as “GW2441m”. In 2021, a dozen or so wolves were found in Schleswig-Holstein. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 02/06/2022 12:30

Less preparedness during a pandemic

The number of early detection studies fell sharply in the first year of the southern Holstein crown. This is according to a doctor’s report from the health insurance company Barmer, which was presented on Wednesday. Accordingly, in South Holstein in 2019, i.e. before the pandemic, every seventh adult went for preventive examinations. In 2020, it was only every eleventh adult. At Reinbek Hospital in Stormarn County, there has also been a clear decline in the number of examinations, as confirmed by Chief Medical Officer Stefan Jäckle, but now there is an upward trend again. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 02/06/2022 08:30

Several deployments due to hail and storm

Wednesday morning he was supposed to There was a fatal road accident on the A 21 between the Wankendorf and Nettelsee junctions. According to the police, six cars and one truck were involved in the accident. One person was killed at the scene of the accident, 3 were seriously injured and 2 were slightly injured. A sudden hailstorm may be the cause of the accident. The police are investigating there, and also after the fire in Norderstedt. According to the control center, the fire department was able to quickly extinguish the roof of the family home on Wednesday afternoon. Residents were able to get to a safe place. Lightning could have started a fire. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 02/06/2022 08:30

The incidence of the krone in the district increases slightly

A 309.8 incidence has recently been reported in the Stormarn district, according to the state registration office. In the Segeberg district the value is now 365.8 and in the Pinneberg district 376.2. The nationwide incidence is 369.5 (as of June 1). | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 02/06/2022 08:30

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