Shortly before the end: Bitburg releases two players

Rhineland League: Changing players disappoint coach Fabian Ewertz – Zerf fights for runner-up – Mehring plans to join the district league. VIDEO INTERVIEWS and PHOTO GALLERY from the game Morbach – Zerf.

SG Schneifel-Auw – Ahrweiler BC (Saturday, 5.30 PM, Ormont grass field)

Starting position: United from Auw, Ormont, Hallschlag and Stadtkyll welcome the already established champions from Ahrweiler on the final day of play. Schneifel-Kicker has the wind in his back after wins over Mayen (4: 3) and Wieza (3.2). Football coach Stephan Simon emphasizes ahead of the final match that takes place on the occasion of Pentecost in Ormont: “We want to end the season well. But the favorite is Ahrweiler. ” They want to face the future Oberliga team in a fun and combative way and extend their possession periods.

Staff: Michael Schüler (private reasons), Jan Pidde (ankle injury), Andreas Nellessen (vacation), Jan Merkes (professional reasons) and Alexander Zapp (ankle injury) are excluded, but there are question marks regarding the use of Jonas Weberskirch’s Schneifel player (problems with muscles).

TuS Kirchberg – FC Bitburg (Saturday, 17.30, Kirchberg artificial turf pitch)

Starting position: In a surprising 4-0 against Trierer Höhenkicker, the Bitburgers lacked their cleverness and heartlessness. Both offensive and defensive will be required in Hunsrück. Kirchberg recently scored a point against the champions from Ahrweiler and is gearing up for his promotion to the Oberliga round with Saarlanders Borussia Neunkirchen and SC 07 Idar-Oberstein (South West). After Zerfer’s victory in Morbach on Wednesday, Kirchberg is only third, but the Hochwald team cannot play in the league due to the DFB statute. Bitburg’s coach Fabian Ewertz is looking forward to the away game: “We didn’t play badly with Tarforst in the first half, we showed speed and aggressiveness but unfortunately we didn’t score. Nevertheless, we want to achieve the best possible placement and do our best. At the end of the season, I will change the line-up a bit and give everyone a try.

Staff: Luca Merling and Luca Herrig have been fired by the club after announcing their move to league rival FSV Trier-Tarforst. The coach Ewertz was disappointed with their substitution and had to replace goalkeeper Benjamin Pelz for the final game of the season (ligament rupture foot surgery).

FSV Trier-Tarforst – Hunsrückhöhe Morbach Football Association (Saturday, 17.30, Tarforst grass field)

Starting position: For Andreas “Mersch” Gouverneur the derby against Morbach will be a farewell match, as he retires as goalkeeping coach due to lack of time. FSV forward Nicola Rigoni recalls the 47-year-old’s unplanned task: “On November 9, 2019, Mersch scored a goal as goalkeeper Yunus Akgül was removed from the field. The entire team thanks him for his commitment on and off the pitch. He has always been reliable and supported us with his heart and passion. We will miss him and wish him all the best during his football retirement.

Click here to see a gallery of pictures from the game Morbach – Zerf

The first game against Morbach ended 2-2 and offered an exciting ending phase with goals in extra time. FSV coach Holger Lemke is excited: “We are looking forward to an interesting derby against a direct player from the top group and we want to win at home. I can see a good end to our very solid season. ” Morbach can take advantage of the performance he showed in Wednesday’s 1-1 match against Hochwald-SG when they presented themselves well. In the second round, the people of Hunsrück created a few opportunities, but Sebastian Schell and Maximilian Schell found their way to carpentry only in the final stages. FVH coach Thorsten Haubst emphasizes: “I am taking off my hat in front of Hochwald-Zerf because their performance and workload over the past few weeks has been amazing. I didn’t like our first half as we weren’t aggressive enough and we didn’t run fast enough. It will be very difficult with Tarforst again.

Staff: Faris Kssouri (vacation), Bernhard Heitkötter (lung problems) and Nicola Rigoni (broken fibers) are absent from Tarforst, as are two long-injured Elias Heitkötter (lungs) and Sebastian Schmitt (torn cruciate ligament). But Benedikt Decker returns to the squad. Morbach must join forces at the end of the English week. There are no personnel changes to be reported.

Thorsten Haubst, FVH Morbach coach, 1: 3 with Zerf:

SG Ellscheid – SG Hochwald-Zerf (Saturday, 5.30 PM, Gillenfeld artificial turf pitch)

Starting position: The Ellscheider coaching duo Michael Häb / Daniel Haas know about the (emotional) importance of the game as the fight for second place is in full swing. “Daniel and I don’t want to say goodbye to defeat and wish the SG all the best,” says Häb. In the first game just three weeks ago, United against Ellscheid, Strohn, Gillenfeld, Steiningen and Udler presented themselves in a strong form and lost only in the last phase (2: 4).

Zerf was contested in Morbach during the week and celebrated his third (!) Victory of the season with the Hunsrückers, after previous league and cup successes with FVH. The Morbach Football Association took the lead after a strong preliminary work from Marcel Schultheis (22nd): The long ball reached Sebastian Schell, who gave SG goalkeeper Koltes no chance on defense. Zerf didn’t give up and equalized after Tim Thielen gave Robin Mertinitz (38 ‘). Just before the break, Thielen turned the game again, lobing goalkeeper FVH Görgen (43rd). Yannik Stein perfectly defeated the away victory 3-1 with his goal (60), thanks to which Hochwald-SG has a runner-up in his hands and broke 60 points. “I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the past few weeks. It was again an energetic performance against the strong and solid Morbach who demanded everything from us. Winning unlocks the strength we want to use against Ellscheid, said Zerf coach Fabian Mohsmann.

Live ticker of the Morbach – Zerf meeting to read

Staff: Christoph Gräfen, Marcel Riemann and Julien Augarde return to the squad and Matthias Alt is unavailable – Patrick Phlepsen is questionable (aftermath of the crown).

Fabian Mohsmann, SG Hochwald-Zerf coach:

SG Neitersen / Altenkirchen – SV Mehring (Saturday, 5.30 PM, Neitersen artificial turf pitch)

Background: The 3-2 home win over Montabaur was a balm to the battered souls of Moselle after nine straight losses. The side from Mehring is still in last place with 14 points, but they can nevertheless surpass Montabaur with their away win. Something else has a priority for SVM coach Sebastian Dietz: “We are planning to join the district league and we want to say goodbye. We are motivated to score at least one point. ” In the first match, Blue and White were in a worse situation, they lost 2: 3 and made too many (unnecessary) individual mistakes in defense.

Staff: As Johannes Diederich, Nico Stadfeld and Eliah Dick are absent, the support of the second team and the youth team will be important again.

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