The best WoW Echo guild celebrates and curses the FF14 raid “Dragon War Fatal”

Speaking of Echo, most of the time it is about their performances in WoW raids. Whether in their current form or previously under the Method banner – Scripe, Gingi, Rogerbrown & Co. are without a doubt some of the best WoW players ever. Now, you may be thinking that if you are good at one MMORPG, you are good at other MMOs as well. Echo’s earlier forays into blindly playing previous raids in FF14 (i.e. without any preparation or knowledge) have shown this to be at least partially true. However, it cannot be translated completely one-to-one. The current guild trials in the FF14 Raid Dragon War Fatal show this.

Because there the boys struggle through the raid for almost two weeks and are far from over – while the top FF14 guilds are long gone. Especially the length of the fight makes it difficult for them to create.

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