Therefore, Benedictine values ​​are essential to Councilor Dieth


Therefore, Benedictine values ​​in politics are essential for the Diet “

The first plenary session of the Benedictine Dialogue Forum took place on Friday in Muri. Government Councilor Markus Dieth was also a guest and gave a lecture on Christian values ​​in politics.

Walter Fust, head of the organizing committee (left), was pleased that government councilor Markus Dieth gave a speech at the first plenary session of the Benedictine Dialogue Forum.

Melanie Burgener

Ora et labora – pray and work. This is a Benedictine tradition of the late Middle Ages. Even today, the values ​​of the Benedictines, who belong to the largest order in Switzerland, still occupy an important place in society.

However, these values, such as hospitality, work dignity, listening and the common good, are no longer practiced everywhere as Benedict would have it. The Benedict Foundation of Lucerne has set up its “Sermo Benedictus” discussion groups so that people can re-discover these values ​​and thus preserve an important cultural value.

These so-called “Fisherman interviews” in Fischingen (TG) have taken place four times since 2018, each with 20 personalities from society, business and politics. On Friday, about 80 invited guests met for the first time on a larger scale at the plenary session of the Benedictine Dialogue Forum in the festival hall of the Muri commune.

In a convenient place to meet – the monastery is a former Benedictine abbey – they participated in presentations on public good and the dignity of work.

The actions of politicians should bring added value

One of the guests of honor was Markus Dieth, a member of the government and head of the department of finance and resources. In his speech, he made it clear that Benedict’s values ​​are also necessary in politics. In his speech, he delved into polarizing politics, which raises concerns with its arguments from the left or the right, and thus “does less good than harms the common good,” he stressed.

About 80 invited guests attended the first plenary session of the Benedictine dialogue forum

About 80 invited guests attended the first plenary session of the Benedictine dialogue forum “Fischinger Talks” in the festival hall of the municipality of Muri.

Melanie Burgener

“But this common good must be the goal of all politics. Because if you put politics in the service of the people, you put yourself behind, ”he said. As a politician, it is not your own interests that count, but the added value that your own actions bring to society.

This requires politicians who genuinely and honestly set an example and can thus inspire confidence. The diet highlighted:

“The central values ​​are always decency and respect for people, an open ear to their fears and equal treatment of all people.”

The Church should be concerned with economy and profit

The foundation of the common good and a fairer world was also the subject of a presentation by Peter Gehler, Vice President of the Management Board of the pharmaceutical company Zofingen Siegfried AG. He referred to the Christian social teaching which strongly influenced his worldview in connection with the economy and entrepreneurship.

“In the church, much of what has to do with the economy, profit, or market has negative connotations,” said Gehler. “But it is important that the Church also deals with such matters.” While there will never be a Christian justification for a social market economy, it is critical that people keep within that system. “I am convinced that Christian Social Teaching is a guideline that business urgently needs,” said Gehler.

The first conference in Muri concluded with a question and answer session for the last two speakers. Archabbot of St. Ottilien and Aptprima Notker Wolf had the final say at the meeting: “I am very grateful for this day. You can’t just dump those values ​​onto someone. But it needs them, otherwise society will fall apart.

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