University: Bayreuth Law Professor Becomes Federal Constitutional Judge – Bayreuth

Wolff was an expert witness in the investigative committees of the NSU Bundestag and the parliaments of the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Saxony. Not only as a member of the Federal Government Safety Review Commission, but also as an advisor on numerous bills.

In the Federal Constitutional Court, Wolff replaces Andreas Paulus, who passed away in March. Wolff’s subject matter was only partially delegated to Wolff: in Karlsruhe he will mainly deal with matters relating to social and artistic law and will be responsible for the jurisdiction of the chamber.

Wolff will also be involved in the Senate’s decisions of the first Senate. A Bayreuth attorney can therefore use the full range that he brings with him from academia, which includes environmental law, construction and planning law, data protection, safety and energy law, school and university law, social law, public commercial law, science law as well as the foundations of administrative law and constitutional law.

The decision of a Bundestag judge is welcomed at the RW Faculty of Bayreuth University. Dean Jörg Schluechtermann explains: “Following the election of Heinrich Amadeus Wolff, the outstanding expert on constitutional and administrative law not only becomes a member of Germany’s most important court, but also a committed colleague who is always available in the interests of the faculty. “

Vice Dean Michael Grünberger emphasizes that this choice “confirms the exceptional quality of the interdisciplinary research and teaching at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Bayreuth”.

Dean of Studies Nina Nestler describes the consequences for Bayreuth University students: “Our students also benefit from the fact that a professor from our faculty is now a judge of the Federal Constitutional Court. You gain direct access to his judging perspective and thus share his rich experience. It is a special privilege that helps to understand the main problems of our democracy and our rule of law. ”

Brief biography of Heinrich Amadeus Wolff:

Heinrich Amadeus Wolff was born in Heidelberg in 1965. In 1985-1991 he studied law at the universities of Regensburg, Tübingen, Bonn, Freiburg and Heidelberg and passed the first state legal exam in Heidelberg in 1991, the second after completing his legal apprenticeship in 1994 in Stuttgart.

This was followed by research work at BVerfG Karlsruhe (Paul Kirchhof) and at the Speyer University of Administrative Sciences (DHV, Helmut Quaritsch).

Heinrich Amadeus Wolff obtained his doctorate in 1996. with regard. ed. in DHV (expert Helmut Quaritsch / Hans Herbert v. Arnim). Theme: “Self-accusation and separation of procedures.

The prohibition of forcing to actively participate in one’s own criminal proceedings and its impact on the statutory obligations of cooperation under administrative law ”(Duncker and Humblot, Berlin 1997, 335 pp.).

In the years 1996-2001 Wolff lectured at DHV, at that time he habilitated in 1998 (habilitation thesis: “Unwritten constitutional law in the fundamental law”, JCB Mohr (Paul Siebeck), Ius Publicum Band 44, Tübingen 2000, 526 pp.) worked as a speaker at the Federal Ministry of the Interior Bonn / Berlin in the V 1b and V2 departments / supervision of constitutional processes and internal competence tests (1998-2000). In 2000, Wolff took up the university professorship (C 3) in Constitutional and Administrative Law at LMU Munich. In 2006, Wolff became professor of public law, especially constitutional law, at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

During the 2012/13 winter semester, Wolff was visiting professor in the Faculty of Law and Research at IIIS Trinity College, Dublin. In 2014, he finally entered the University of Bayreuth, where he has since held a chair in public law, environmental law, technology and information.

In 2017-2019, Wolff was the Managing Director of the Research Center for Sustainable Law Development at Bayreuth University, and since 2018, he has been the spokesman for the Public Law Section of Division III.

In the winter semester 2021/22 he stayed at the University of Bordeaux to conduct teaching. Heinrich Amadeus Wolff has been editor of Beck’s online commentary on VwGO since 2007 (with Herbert Posser), since 2009 co-editor of the commentary on the Bavarian Constitution (Josef Lindner / Markus Möstl), also co-editor (with Stefan Brink) in Beck’s online comment on protection personal data and sole editor of the Hömig / Wolff commentary on the Basic Law.

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