Great fun in your own garden – we are giving away a swing for children from K-Sport

Dear friends, let’s be honest: what is your physical fitness? Do you need regular exercise or is your weaker self really big? In recent years, I have noticed more and more how important sport is to me. On the one hand, it gives me a good hug in back pain, and on the other hand, it cleans my head very well.

I haven’t been to the gym for many, many years, I run, play tennis and train a lot at home. During the blockades, we bought some equipment, good yoga mats, resistance bands – and so I train with my own weight at home.

My kids also do a lot of sports – we are a total family in the open air. Actually, we are out every afternoon, walking, in the playgrounds, rollerblading on the street or on the football field. We all know how important it is for children to exercise regularly in the fresh air.

Therefore, we are glad that at the end of this post we have a real lottery hit for you. We can draw a double swing for the garden from K-Sport, K-Sport is actually an absolute expert in high-quality training equipment, we would like to introduce them to you here:

Dear Kim, first question: what does K in K-Sport mean?

It is quite simple. K stands for our strength training equipment.

If you look around its home page you’ll find tons of great fitness equipment. What devices are gaining popularity today?

This cannot be said in general terms as it also depends a bit on the season. Now in the summer, sports equipment for outdoor equipment in your own garden is popular. In general, it can be said that calisthenics training is becoming more and more popular, it is training with your own weight.

What has changed in your industry as a result of the pandemic?

Gyms have been closed for a long time due to Corona, and many have discovered home workouts for themselves. We noticed that many people had set up a small home gym at home so that they could continue their training, whatever the situation in Corona.

Now the gyms are reopened. Is your equipment a supplement or does it save you the gym completely?

Depending on what you want to train and how much space you have, you can save yourself gym entries with our equipment. Exercising at home also has many advantages: you are not tied to opening hours, you don’t need to pack any bags, you save time traveling to the gym and back.

Who’s thinking now: I don’t have enough space at home. There are several space-saving exercise machines that you can use to train your entire body in the comfort of your own salon.

Summer is coming and you also have a lot of outdoor gear. What’s the best thing about exercising outdoors?

Clearly nice weather and fresh air. This clears your head in a completely different way than training in a stuffy gym.

Which devices are gaining popularity here?

The trend here is everything related to multifunctional multi-gyms for the garden, on which you can implement various training options, HERE you can do it well.

You also have swings for children in your assortment – how does this fit with your other products?

As a manufacturer of sports equipment, we support various sports and non-profit associations around our headquarters in Germany, including many children’s and youth teams. We are committed to supporting sports activities for children.

Children’s swings bring the little ones a lot of fun and exercise outdoors. By the way, our products for outdoor gymnastics are also suitable for the whole family – parents train with them, and for children it is great climbing fun.

There are countless online shopping offers online – what makes you different?

What distinguishes us is that we develop our products in cooperation with experienced athletes and produce them in Europe – and we do not buy them from Asia.

In addition, we can offer very good direct customer service which can be contacted by phone, chat and mail. Our customers can get advice from their personal contact person before making a purchase, who can also be contacted later with any questions.

And we have our own blog where we provide our clients with helpful fitness and health tips.

And since summer has only just started and children spend a lot of time outdoors, we are giving away this ingenious garden swing for children. If you want to win it, just write us here in the comments why you really want a garden swing from K-Sport. Then fate decides, Good luck!

Katarzyna Nachtsheim

Katharina Nachtsheim has been working as a journalist for 15 years, focusing on family and social issues. He has three children and lives in Berlin.

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