Ikarus Festival 2022: line-up, schedule, tickets, arrival, DJs, checks and arrival – current Allgäu news

Ikarus Festival 2022 at Memmingen Airport is the largest music festival in the Allgäu. Lineup, schedule, DJs, tickets, checks and directions news.

Icarus festival Memmingen airport is the largest music festival in Allgäu. About 50,000 people came to the Techno Camping Festival before the crown pandemic. Also in Icarus 2022 As of today, at the airport in Memmingerberg, the organizers expect a similar number of people to Sunday.

Date: When will Ikarus Festival 2022 take place?

Ikarus 2022 at the Memmingen airport will take place from 2 to 6 June 2022 – around Pentecost.

Ikarus Festival Lineup 2022: Which DJs are playing at the festival this year?

The program and schedule of Ikarus Festival 2022 are officially established. More than 120 DJs from all over the world will perform at Memmingen Airport.


  • Adam Beyer
  • Amelia’s lens
  • Carl Cox
  • Dubfire
  • Enrico Sangiuliano
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner
  • Len Faki
  • Neelix
  • pot for the pan
  • Reinier Zonneveld
  • Robin Schultz
  • Sven Väth

DJs from A to Z

  • alias aka
  • Alfred Heinrichs
  • Ann hint
  • Boston 168
  • Dax J
  • Dirty operation
  • Dominik Eulerberg
  • droplex
  • Echoes of October
  • Eskei83
  • additional world
  • Wrong bunny
  • Farago
  • Felix Kroecher
  • Felix Rafael
  • Fjaak DJ set
  • Size: B
  • concerned but fun
  • Grzegorz Tresher
  • Hector Oaks
  • Hidden empire
  • I hate Models
  • Kerstin Eden
  • sound artist
  • kobosil
  • Lexer
  • Lexy and K-Paul
  • Marcel Fengler
  • Marcus Meinhardt
  • Marik Ross
  • Mark Decoda
  • mouse
  • Midas 104
  • Mimi Love
  • Mollono.Bass
  • Monica Kruse
  • Moonbootica
  • Nicone
  • Oliver Koletzki
  • Pappenheimer
  • the power of pleasure
  • Rebekah
  • Sam ‘Abdulhadi
  • Sam Shure
  • Sometimes
  • The specter of the DJ
  • Stella Bossi
  • Stereo maker
  • T78
  • Rebellion in the town
  • Tube & Berger
  • Victor Ruiz
  • Younotus

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More difficult styles from A to Z

  • angry fist
  • Da Tweekaz
  • Dr. Paw
  • headhunter

Progressive psytrance from A to Z

  • Ace Ventura
  • Astrix
  • atmosphere
  • Audiomatic
  • blastoyz
  • Captain Hook
  • Fabio Fusco
  • knocking ghosts
  • stuff
  • Morten Granau
  • Omiki
  • ritmo

endless station

  • Anne Montag b2b solar systems
  • Casimier from Oettingen b2b Naomi
  • Electronic elephant
  • Frida Darko
  • Łowski
  • Martin Saupe
  • More is more
  • Mike Boost
  • Mila Stern
  • Ron Flutter
  • Tony Casanova

This as well Schedule of the Ikarus Festivalthat is, what day and at what time the DJs will play, is already known.

Access to the Ikarus Festival by bus, train and car: How to get there?

Most visitors to Ikarus come with it car to your Memmingen airport location. Please note: Please do not enter the address of the Allgäu airport into the navigation system before arrival, but the former Shelterstraße which leads to the car parks and campsite in Ikarus: 87766 MemmingerbergPrzemysłowa Street.

Who from Rail comes, took place in recent editions directly at the main bus station in front of the train station memmingen and shuttle buswho took visitors to the Allgäu airport and back.

Are there enough dixi showers, toilets and toilets at the Ikarus festival?

The organizer of “Permanent Entertainment GmbH” promises to draw conclusions from the toilet and shower disaster at Ikarus Festival 2019. At the beginning of the festival, there was no running water, then only cold water. Now it is designed specifically for a campsite more toilets and showers serve with warm water.

Prices 2022: How much are the tickets for the Ikarus Festival and what tickets are available?

The organizers plan to have several thousand visitors in the area Allgäu airport. Therefore, tickets for the entire weekend as well as single tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are offered. According to the organizer, 99 percent of tickets were sold shortly before the festival started – there should only be a few tickets left. Prices for 2022 at the Ikarus Festival:

These two Card categories is available at Ikarus Festival 2022:

  • normal: We are talking about a full weekend pass, which is valid throughout the festival. Current price for 2022: € 149.90 + service fee (approx. € 20).
  • StagePlus: VIP ticket for fans who can’t get enough of the Ikarus Festival schedule. It promises access to the main stages and backstage bars and toilets, among other things. Price 2022: € 209.90 + fees.

There are also Friday, Saturday and Sunday festival days one-day tickets: Prices they range from 59.90 € to 69.90 € (plus fees and taxes). Stage Plus cards are also available on specific days (from € 94.90 to € 124.90 plus fees and taxes).

Important note: Only people are allowed on the Ikarus website from 18 years.

  • Theme: Ikarus festival in Memmingen

Does camping at the Ikarus Festival cost extra?

Yes. who at Ikarus campsite If you want to celebrate and stay overnight, you need an extra one, just like in previous years camping ticket for € 39.90 + payment. Note: The camping ticket is only valid in combination with a full weekend ticket.

If you are arriving at Memmingen Airport with a mobile home, you need it in addition to a camping ticket tickets for a caravan (€ 69.90 + fees and taxes). There is also an additional fee in the village of Ikarus “comfortable campsite” in specially prepared tents and VIP huts.

All tickets can be ordered in advance on the Ikarus Festival website.

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The best of the “Ikarus Festival” in Memmingen

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