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God’s Spirit comes suddenly and unexpectedly. And everyone perceives the spirit differently, says Sr. Katharina Kluitmann, interpreting today’s Sunday reading.

Suddenly a ghost appears. Unexpectedly. With the door closed. roar, storm and fire. At each flame, fiery words in front of people, a wave of conversions. When we imagine something about Pentecost, it is often the first reading that describes it. Pentecost, great cinema. A lot can be shown in the pictures.

Were it not for such a different gospel. Or is it a bad place? We already had it on White Sunday! There is much less going on in this story. Closed doors connect texts. No wonder: Jesus died, disciples in fear whether it would also be their necks. The closed doors are the same. The coming of the spirit is completely different. Much quieter. Wrong in the picture. With an inner statement: it’s about forgiveness. Only gently breathes there. But here too: suddenly a ghost appears. Unexpectedly. Seriously?

Experience of the mind

Readings from the Great Feast of Pentecost (year C of reading) can be heard here.

Was this breathing not already present in the creation of man? And before that, God’s Spirit was hovering over the confusion. “The Spirit of the Lord awakens the spirit in seers and prophets,” we sing. This runs throughout the Old Testament. Moses, full of the Spirit, allows many people to receive the Spirit and wants them all to be.

Later the prophet Joel speaks for God: “I will pour out my Spirit over all flesh. your sons and daughters. I will also pour out my Spirit on male and female servants. ” The Spirit descended upon Jesus at his baptism. He maintained a close relationship with this father’s spirit and promised to send this father’s spirit which is also his. Already on the cross he let out the spirit. Then the Easter breath. The mind experience can be noisy or very quiet. Each person feels them differently.

When peace will finally come

The same person may experience the Spirit in different ways at different times. There is something surprising about this. This can happen while you are praying or while vacuuming. It can overwhelm me when I’m ready or when I resist at first. This can happen in the sacrament of reconciliation or when the partner forgives the unforgivable. When peace finally comes, small and large. Here comes the ghost. The surprise is often that it has always been there. Not detected.

Countless are the times of the spirit, its ways of appearing. Maybe that’s why it seems so sudden. Countless, says the second selective reading, also the effects of the action of the spirit, the gifts it gives. The spirit is given for the good of the person receiving it. Primarily for the benefit of others. Nothing is too small or too big. It works no less on the comfort people give than on the blessing; in a gaze of understanding no less than in prayer in tongues. It does not work more in the miracle of healing than in the gift of teaching.

Use Pentecost

Sister Katharina Kluitmann is a Franciscan from Heythuysen / Lüdinghausen, a theologian and doctor of psychology. | Photo: private

In a gift that manifests itself in a person who becomes a profession or vocation, he works and in voluntary work and in what happens from the side. You don’t always have to notice when it comes. When the spirit works in you. It doesn’t always roar. But it always works. And it’s always one spirit.

I invite you to use Pentecost to pursue your own spiritual experiences. Is there more than you expect? Can you relate to the Holy Spirit? Would you like to request a specific gift? in situation? The experience you want? Someone told me that God grieves more often, that we are asking for the Spirit too little than too much.

Pentecost suddenly and unexpectedly

Perhaps you would also like to consider where our world and our church need the Spirit – and ask for it! What am I asking for? For peace! And how we in the church are finally really discovering that the spirit in all of us is one spirit. Because we are all baptized. Men and women from different countries; People who enjoy freedom and people in various external and internal dependencies that captivate today. What matters is one baptism that bestows one Spirit – and that each of us lives his own calling, which is different and yet equally important.

When we finally discover it, we will experience a new Pentecost. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

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