The waves were high in the GV of the Gnadenthal association


Monopoly game for retirees? At the general meeting of the Gnadenthal association, the waves rose high

It was to be expected that the general meeting of the Gnadenthal association would cause a stir. The sudden departure of director Alexandra Heilbronner was not the only topic that could be discussed. The election of his successor, Ursa Bosisio, also aroused many conversations.

Kurt Notter (in the center), president of the Gnadenthal association, with two newly elected board members Rolf Kasper (left) and Wädi Koch.

Nathalie Wolgensinger

166 members of the association listened attentively to President Kurt Notter’s comments. They learned first-hand for the first time, leading to the sudden departure of newly elected director Alexandra Heilbronner in November 2021.

To succeed longtime and popular director Thomas Peterhans, the board of directors chose a so-called appraisal in which candidates are put to the test by a specialized company. Heilbronner proved to be the best choice in this three-step process. Shortly after starting work, however, it turned out that Notter believed that the views of strategic management were completely different. He said:

“It just didn’t fit.”

Workers were also affected. Many have resigned. The situation culminated at the end of last year: management had to react within 72 hours to prevent the dismissal of an employee from the extended management team, Notter explained at the time. Alexandra Heilbronner then quit her job. Urs Bosisio’s board member stepped in temporarily. Notter commented:

“He was able to introduce calm, transparent structures and continuity into the Reusspark in a very short time.”

Is Bossio in the hands of the management?

The work of the 67-year-old has been appreciated by everyone and peace has returned. In April this year. became director. However, there was a binding deadline for this commitment, emphasized Notter.

Urs Bosisio has been on the board for three years and is now the new director of Reusspark.

Urs Bosisio has been on the board for three years and is now the new director of Reusspark.

Nathalie Wolgensinger

Club member Toni Rohrer had a different opinion. He accused Notter of nepotism because he found a job with an old childhood friend, thus preventing younger and more talented people from applying. As a former bank manager, Bosisio has nothing to say and is on the leash of management. Rohrer pissed off:

“The position of a director at Reusspark is not a monopoly game for retirees.”

These allegations upset an employee of the extended board of directors who said: “Urs Bosisio is not on our leash, she gives us clear orders.” The reactions of the majority of the members of the association indicated that the chapter was closed for them and that they wanted to look to the future.

Wädi Koch is a new member of the management board

It was clear from the annual report that not only had Bossio cleaned up the broken glass, but he had also brought the ship back on course. Together with the management board, he has identified six areas of action that he wants to develop by 2025.

Emphasis is, inter alia, on improving the use of the day and night center and exploring new forms of accommodation for older people. But networking with institutions and partners should also be promoted.

40 hectares of arable land around the institution will be leased again from September 2023. Greater biodiversity is desirable for future land cultivation. The landscape along the banks of the Reuss and the bicycle path are to be modernized so that residents and visitors will feel comfortable and in good hands.

As reported by Notter, the reconstruction of the West Monastery has revealed some unexpected surprises. It is therefore gratifying that the construction loan of CHF 10 million was exceeded by only CHF 770,000.

The pandemic dominated the financial statements. The institution itself has to bear the additional expenses. The result was an operating loss of CHF58,900. On the other hand, Bosisio described bed occupancy of 95 percent as an excellent figure.

Two orphaned seats on the board were taken by Rolf Kasper from Vilnius and Wädi Koch from Niederwil. Kasper is the founder of the Aargauhotels hotel group, he will be responsible for the catering and hotel industry on the management board. Koch, former mayor of Niederwil, will be responsible for political networking.

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