“We say thank you”: Celebrities pay tribute to Queen with a concert

The Queen opened the concert in a music video featuring the Paddington Bear. Over tea with her beloved movie character, she spoke to Paddington about jam sandwiches for “emergencies.” “Thanks for everything,” said Paddington Bear at the end. Then the rock band Queen with vocalist Adam Lambert opened the show with their hits “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”.

Musical acts were intertwined with greetings from former footballer David Beckham, former first lady Michelle Obama and actress Judy Dench. Elton John was also connected via video to his performance. Many royal personalities gathered on the grandstand – among them the heir to the throne, Prince Charles and his eldest son, Prince William.

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In a video broadcast at the start of the concert, the Queen spoke to Paddington about jam sandwiches

“Your Majesty, mommy”

Prince Charles and Camilla joyfully sang “Your Majesty, Mummy”, he greeted the Queen in his touching speech: “This festival is our way of saying thanks. I wish to express my personal gratitude for personal service to our people. ” She is not only a queen but also a mother. She laughed and cried with them and was always there, said Prince Charles solemnly. “You promised to serve life long, and you continue to deliver. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re celebrating today. Therefore, Your Majesty, we thank You. “

During a speech on the facade of the City Palace, which Charles chose in accordance with his residence, images of the queen from the years of her reign were displayed. Among other things, the presentation of the 1966 World Cup in the England national team was shown. His son, Prince William, had previously spoken to the public and appreciated the work of his grandparents.

Prince Charles and Camilla at the Queen's Jubilee concert in London

Reuters / Alastair Grant

Prince Charles paid tribute to his mother’s life alongside his wife Camilla

William Harry’s brother and his wife Meghan, who came to London from the United States on the occasion of the throne anniversary, were not at the concert. Her second child, Lilibet, had her birthday on Saturday. The Queen herself watched a performance in her honor at Windsor Castle on television. On Friday, Elizabeth II had already missed a great thanksgiving service in London’s St. Paul because of “sickness.” The 96-year-old also canceled a Saturday trip to traditional Epsom horse racing for health reasons. She was represented by her daughter, Princess Anna (71).

Rod Stewart at the Queen's Jubilee concert in London

Reuters / Alastair Grant

Rod Stewart sang alongside stars such as Diana Ross and Andrea Bocelli in honor of the Queen

70,000 hosts organize picnics

The four-day celebration in honor of the Queen ends on Sunday with a meal in the fresh air. Millions of visitors are expected to attend picnics hosted by over 70,000 hosts. The highlight of the day is the grand parade in central London that leads to Buckingham Palace.

Musicians, performers, dancers and actors represent many of the historical changes that have occurred since Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne in 1952. At the end of the parade, the national anthem “God Save the Queen”, led by pop star Ed Sheeran, is sung in front of the palace.

Australia keeps its distance

Not everyone praises the monarchy on the anniversary. In Australia, for example, the anniversary is seen as an opportunity to distance yourself from the record-breaking monarch. According to the new government, the time has come for a serious debate after the end of Elizabeth’s reign.

As in many other Commonwealth member states, the Queen is formally the head of state in Australia. The Queen’s 70th anniversary is an occasion to reflect on the future of the former British colony, said cabinet member Matt Thistlethwaite of the British PA news agency. “Australia is an independent country. We have our own unique identity and culture, ”said Thistlethwaite. All Australians should be allowed to become head of state.

Speculation about a new referendum

Thistlethwaite’s appointment as deputy minister of the Republic has fueled suspicions that Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is seeking a referendum on the issue. In a 1999 referendum, a majority (55 percent) of Australians voted to maintain the monarchy.

“My job in the early stages is kind of education – explaining to people that we have a foreign monarch as head of state, that we have an alternate representative in the governorate general, but that we could have an Australian in charge,” said Thistlethwaite. However, there is still a long way to go before a referendum is held. According to reports, the Labor government plans to hold such a vote only in the event of re-election.

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