Catering at KulturPur: stress and fun: see who is grilling!

pebe Reason. The fans are happy as well as the curious: KulturPur has started again! Finally! Art and culture for six days in the woods and moors. But if you feed your eyes with cool pictures and get something fun for your ears, you also want something for your stomach, in solid and liquid form. Of course (!) This is also what the campsite on Giller does, which still seems a bit unreal.
The fact that it is so and that everything runs, sizzles, smells, gurgles, foams and tastes as it should be is organized by Jan Klappert, the head of Klar Events. The 38-year-old festival catering pulls the strings when it comes to gastronomy and culinary delights between tents and stages. In between his upward trips, Klappert takes the time to talk to us about this highly stressful and fun job, he says, involving him and his approximately 50 employees and approximately 40 employees 13 “Outsourcing “Around the clock, in this case” 24/6 “so to speak.

Corona left her mark here as well

Hunger and thirst will surely be quenched. But for that to be possible, you need a damn good, tight organization – and this is after a two-year hiatus and an ongoing pandemic: “We only managed to start planning relatively late,” says Jan Klappert, a structural employee. There was a problem for the catering team: after the Corona crash, some caterers were no longer available and “very little staff to build” and to the saucepans.
Everything that has to do with eating, drinking and other basic human needs is part of catering: “We prepare all infrastructure, electricity, water, guest and staff toilets, drinking water – everything must be food – safe, the food itself must be stored cold will. “

“Completely avoid plastic”

And the rubbish in the food and drink area is also a big problem, says Klappert: “It’s sorted and disposed of. Whenever possible, we avoid disposable packaging, and where necessary, we use biodegradable materials. Overall, “there is less and less waste every year, and much more”. When it comes to utensils, caterers “generally use reusable food” insists that there are PVC drink cups, porcelain is used for food, and “compostable chip bowls” are used in the snack bar area. “We’re completely abandoning plastic!”

Waffles and wild boar, fries and prosecco

To stimulate saliva flow, Klappert, who has been working in the event industry for 15 years, explains what the hungry and thirsty can expect this year. “Of course, there are classics like fries and currywurst,” Klappert lists. A tasted wild boar roast makes Gallic and other hearts beat faster, and there is no shortage of charcoal grilled meat, pancakes and a coffee barista. He emphasizes that new products this year are waffles, tarte flambée, a Swiss raclette supplier, as well as a Sicilian pizza baker, a cocktail and gin bar with regional spirits for better digestion, wines, prosecco, beers …

Prices have risen sharply

But it all has to “climb the mountain”, so every morning at dawn, vans pull up to the festival grounds before the arrival of visitors begins. “A huge problem,” says catering, is energy for cooking and heating with gas and electricity. That’s “almost” enough, prices have risen sharply, and so is food, “be it chips, frying oil, beer or even local charcoal.”

Jan Klappert then sleeps later

His tasks in the hustle and bustle of the festival are varied: sufficient food and drink must be provided, staff must be available and coordinated, hygiene must be checked. This is done in agreement with the health department, with which there is joint control initially. “At night, it’s time to clean up and put everything together, to clean the toilets …”
Does he even sleep these days? “This is how it works,” says Klappert, laughing. He and some of the staff slept on the festival grounds. The working day starts at 9 am, “and sometimes we finish work at five in the morning” – depending on the workload.

Custody is exhausting

What are the feelings in the premises and among employees? “We are all very happy this year, everyone is motivated – even if you feel embarrassed later on,” explains Klappert. “But it’s also a good feeling when everything is finally disassembled and completely cleaned down to the last cigarette butts. Then you are satisfied. ” Jan Klappert admits that the return to festival supplies after a two-year break is exhausting: “Two years is nothing, it was a matter of existence. And not all episodes are over yet. Finally, one would have to deal with sometimes very high purchase prices as well as increases in wages and salaries. It also makes family friendliness difficult but not impossible: “We tried and it works.”

Favorites are Suzi Quatro and BAP

“For me,” he emphasizes, despite everything, “it’s not just stress. I like my job. But all of this only works with good employees, whether it’s a temporary help behind the counter or a permanent employee in the organization. They both just have to do a great job. “
Is there still time for “pure culture” with all this? Klappert nods: “Yes, I’ll have a look at this or that concert.” Does it have any favorites for this year? Clear answer: “Suzi Quatro and BAP. The atmosphere in the tent is great! “

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