“Diablo Immortal”: The most important tips for beginners – the game

The time has finally come. The mega successful series “Diablo” will be continued. And with “Diablo Immortal” the action game is finally making its way to mobile phones. From June 2 at 19:00, fans can start the game on their computers and smartphones. BILD may have already tried the long-awaited game, and it provides tips for anyone looking to get started now.

What is Diablo Immortal about?

The stone of the magical world is destroyed. But some of its fragments are still in circulation – and the villains are looking for stones for incredible power. Players must now act like a hero trying to stop evil (this time it’s called Skarn). To do this, they break through a world full of monsters. Along the way, not only enemies, but also treasures and the opportunity to strengthen the character and learn new skills.

Diablo Immortal is available for free on PC, Android, and iOS, but it also offers incentives for spending money. The score can be used freely on all technical platforms through a Battlenet account from the Blizzard operator.

It takes twelve to fifteen hours to play the story of “Diablo Immortal”. But then it really starts. Fighting through history and other challenges over and over again, players hunt for better and better equipment and more and more skills for their characters. Resourceful fans have calculated that it takes more than 40 years to find a specific set of legendary gear.

It doesn’t start right away!

Important: Installing an app from the store is just the beginning. Immortal still needs gigabytes of data before you start. On an Android smartphone, the game needs almost twelve gigabytes in total.

You also need a Battlenet account which you need to create before you start fighting evil. So plan enough time and the available WLAN (downloadable).

Foto: Blizzard

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Diablo Immortal does not skimp on data. At least you can start playing while the download is in progressPhoto: Blizzard

The right hero


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At the very beginning, you have to make an important decision: what should your warrior against evil look like? Diablo Immortal offers six different character classes with barbarian, crusader, monk, demon hunter, mage and necromancer. The first three are melee fighters, attacking monsters with swords and axes, the other three use crossbows, spells or an army of the undead to defeat evil.

Character classes in the picture (left to right): Crusader, Monk, Barbarian, Mage, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer.  All figures are available in male and female versionsFoto: Blizzard

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Character classes in the picture (from left): crusader, monk, barbarian, mage, demon hunter and necromancer. All figures are available in male and female versionsPhoto: Blizzard

But hand-to-hand or ranged combat is not the only difference between the classes. Experience shows that developer Blizzard changes class strength over time, currently crusaders and demon summoners seem to be the easiest choice for beginners. Then comes the barbarian, necromancer and monk. Surprisingly, while the mage has always been quite strong in previous “Diablo” titles, the one in “Immortal” has been the weakest class so far.

improve equipment

At the blacksmith’s (there are several in the game) you can upgrade your character’s equipment. Diablo Immortal makes it easier for players: Upgrades are automatically transferred to the piece of equipment you are currently wearing on your character. So you can spend all available resources on upgrading your equipment from the very beginning, without having to save up to be able to upgrade better weapons or armor later.

At the same time, you should exchange items with the blacksmith that you no longer want to use for resources. This gives you a place to collect new finds along the way, and you don’t have to juggle empty inventory slots along the way.

The right skills

Diablo Immortal also makes it very easy for players to do when it comes to skill. Skills automatically improve as your character grows. All you need to do is decide which skills you want to actively use and place them on one of the four control buttons in the lower right corner.

There is an attack and skill control in the lower right corner.  The main attack is on the large button, four special abilities are grouped around it.  Above is a red healing potion, her LadunFoto: Blizzard

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There is an attack and skill control in the lower right corner. The main attack is on the large button, four special abilities are grouped around it. Above is a red healing potion whose charges are slowly and automatically refilledPhoto: Blizzard

Important however: It is worth trying out new skills. Generally speaking, the later you acquire a skill, the more powerful it becomes. Therefore, at the beginning, you should switch to new skills as soon as possible. Only later in the game, it is sometimes worth returning to the “older” skills.

In combat, it is helpful to use your character’s skills. Because standard attack is usually much weaker than special skills. Also exciting: individual skills can be combined together to deal even more damage to opponents.

To pay or not to pay?

Probably the most important question: does Diablo Immortal cost? The simple answer is no. However, the game offers three currencies, of which only one and a half (gold and platinum) can be earned in the game itself. Eternal Orbs, the third currency, are available in the store for real money only. Emblems that provide higher-value rewards while playing the game must also be purchased for real money.

Diablo is constantly asking players to spend money on in-game currency.  If you don't want this, you just need more patience to get your hands on the best gearFoto: Blizzard

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Diablo Immortal is constantly asking players to spend money on in-game currency. If you don’t want this, you just need more patience to get your hands on the best gearPhoto: Blizzard

So far, it is still difficult to judge if and how much money you need to invest in order to play at the top of “Immortal”. But one thing is already clear: you can have fun playing the game without investing a dime.

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