“Greedy for fun”: 90,000 fans celebrate “Rock am Ring” – dpa

InBuzzing bass, sun and rain, hardly any masks and a lot of community spirit: After years of forced hiatus in Corona, 90,000 hungry fans celebrated the return of the iconic “Rock am Ring” festival. Around 70 teams on three stages will warm you up from Friday to Whitsunday at the Nürburgring in the Eifel. The new organizers speak of a record number of visitors to the spectacle, which first started in 1985.

A police spokesman said early on Friday: “People are greedy for fun and joy.” Sunny, skimpy summer clothes, colorful hats and checkered skirts – especially young fans celebrate and dance on the asphalt of the legendary racetrack. It doesn’t rain until the third day, but apparently initially without too much shock to the fans.

The police are very happy on Sunday afternoon. According to its spokeswoman Verena Scheuer, there were initially no serious incidents: “The number of crimes is very low compared to the years before the crown.” Bodily injuries and thefts were part of “ordinary festival crime.” Police spokesman Lars Brummer said Saturday: “People are in a good mood, but they don’t do much work for us.” It is possible that after two years of the pandemic, they actually became more cautious.

On Friday, a surprise awaits with the alternative rock band Donots. She plays the classic Toten Hosen “Here Comes Alex” – and suddenly sees the original beside her: Die Toten Hosen, who enters the stage and repeats his song. Cheers, one more song – then the cult band from Düsseldorf resigns.

This time the headliners are Green Day, Muse and Volbeat. But also many other bands are warming up fans from home and abroad. It is often said that so many famous songs are finally played live. There are also fireworks displays under the Eifel summit night sky. Rapper Alligatoah intentionally smashes the guitar. A musician from the Californian band Fever 333 climbs multi-meter stage structures. British alternative rock band Placebo also burst into applause as giant screens next to the stage showed a couple kissing in the middle of the audience. Further on, on the festival grounds, the Ferris wheel turns peacefully. Medieval Nürburg Castle sits on a throne on a cone-shaped volcanic hill.

It will rain for the first time on Sunday. Johanna (23) from Koblenz says: “Early in the morning I heard rain on the roof of the tent. The tent was nice. “Pascal (27) next to her added that the tents had taken the rain well.” Only one or the other pavilion is broken. “With rain jackets, fans return to the festival grounds. At first, there is no heavy rain. In some previous years, thunderstorms hit the “Rock am Ring hard.” Damage from lightning has also been reported, and this time, too, most of the visitors stay overnight on the huge campgrounds.

There are thousands of tents in all colors in the meadows. Tens of thousands of “Rock am Ring” fans traditionally continue to celebrate in groups after the end of the stage program at the modern Grand Prix of the Nürburgring at night in groups. With their own jukeboxes, beer cans in the paddling pool, garlands of empty soda cans, grilled food and hookahs.

Some have set up their tent next to the Ring’s Nordschleife security fence. On Saturday mornings, hobby riders drive their own cars on the so-called tourist rides. Fabian (23) from around Fulda watches sports cars from a camping chair and, as he says himself, enjoys his unique combination of motorsport and rock music.

At the same time in Nuremberg from Friday to Whitsunday there will be a twin show “Rock im Park” with largely the same musicians at a later date. In total, there are over 160,000 fans at both festivals. Many argue that it is still rare to experience such masses directly again because of the crown.

Before the double festival, there was loud criticism of the extremely low participation of women on stages. With Californian girl band The Linda Lindas in mind, the organizers now write: “With all our love for the old heroes, we need more artists on the stage, such as these four young people. We must and we will write it on our flags. ‘

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