Horoscope on 5/28/22: Your daily horoscope for May 28

What will it bring to your zodiac sign today? Your daily horoscope on news.de gives you a new day perspective and shows what you should pay special attention to today.

Your horoscope for May 28, 2022

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Today, nothing works as planned, either because you consciously and actively change your daily rhythm or because you are prompted by external circumstances. You can laugh at it and enjoy the fresh breeze. However, if you stick to the beaten path too much, you must expect unpleasant surprises.

You face your surroundings with greater confidence, vigorously take up the challenges of life, achieve a lot, and still stay in a good mood. You could even say that the obstacles melt like snow in the sun. Now you can find your way almost anywhere, help actively and feel alive and close to you.

This day is perfect for reflecting on your position in your professional and private life and for exchanging ideas with others. It is not always easy to organize work and private life in such a way that neither is neglected. Now you are in a businesslike mood where you can objectively weigh the pros and cons.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

Today you take things more personally than usual, and anyone who dares to say something unpleasant to you risks a virulent reaction. The anger that has built up for a long time gives vent at the slightest provocation. Take advantage of the combat readiness that fills you now and set yourself to 100% comfort!

With discipline and perseverance, you can achieve a lot today. This is a particularly good time for difficult, detailed work. It’s not about making big jumps, it’s about making steady progress in small steps. You are especially successful when you do your job carefully and not be distracted from your course.

Are you the owner of your feelings? How well do you know your personal needs? For example, after rest, tenderness, privacy, and exercise? If you ask yourself these questions today, you’ll see especially clearly what you really need. Not every wish can be realized at once. But you can and should do something now for your own well-being.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Use this day for a gentle discussion, difficult brainstorming, job interview, or other mental challenge. Your mind works extremely precisely and clearly, and you are able to explore and form complex connections.

Do you feel you need to do something to make your loved ones like you? You tend to take things on yourself just because you feel you owe it to someone. Think about yourself too!

Has someone hurt your feelings? Or are you reacting to a whim with emotions in which objectivity would be appropriate? Reason and feeling are in a special contrast this morning.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

That afternoon or evening, a few hours for two should be very useful. Being with your loved one right now can provide you with the well-being you need. Even if you don’t feel like taking action, you may still need to take the first step.

You and those around you can start the day feeling like you’re all together. But before evening falls, personal interests come to the fore. In this way, you and others can offend accordingly.

Lack of knowledge or missing information can be particularly depressing and make you feel inferior. On the one hand, you should not be afraid of acquiring knowledge that you lack or asking questions, on the other hand, you should not stick your nose into things that do not concern you.

Leo (July 23 to August 23)

A nice person will open the door for you. If you take a chance and don’t ignore it, you’ll see the beautiful, fun side of life and new opportunities.

Take care of yourself this afternoon and don’t expect too much of yourself! You can easily get angry when someone has expectations of you. You need a few pats now.

Responsibilities are not necessarily what you feel like doing this afternoon. Why don’t you try to approach the topic of “pleasure and duty” that is relevant to you today in such a way as to ensure that you have a few pleasant moments!

Virgo (August 24 to September 23)

The world is full of beauty and love. Now you are more open to it than usual, perhaps you will tell a loved one that you like them. Or you look for and emphasize what connects you in conversation and create harmony through words. On the other hand, you tend to sugarcoat things.

If you are generally inclined to idealism, the danger of overdoing it is now quite great. If you are more realistic, protect yourself, and avoid risk, this day can give you the necessary impetus to jump over your own shadow and dare to do something.

You become much more aware of the responsibility you bear for your life. The pressure also increases at work. Very high demands are placed on your work at work and in public places. However, it also gives a deep satisfaction and a sense of security.

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