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The number of working seniors has increased significantly compared to the ten years. This is the result of the statistics of employment agencies. Social associations are watching this development with concern.

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They deliver newspapers, give private lessons, work as drivers or clean: In Schleswig-Holstein, more and more people of retirement age will be working. The NDR assessed data from the Federal Employment Agency. The most recent data is from September 2021. At that time, around 39,000 workers aged 67 and over were employed in Schleswig-Holstein.

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For comparison: five years earlier, i.e. in September 2016, the employment agency registered about 33,000 jobs. working seniors. In September 2011, this number was still around 27,000. Compared to ten years, the number of working seniors increased significantly.

Higher poverty risk for women

In 2020, the average monthly pension of a woman in Schleswig-Holstein was EUR 767. The men received much more: their average pension was € 1,269. This is due to the statistics of the German pension insurance. As a result, older women are more prone to poverty in old age than seniors. According to the Schleswig-Holstein Social Report, around 14.4 percent of older women were at risk of poverty in 2018, compared to 11.6 percent of older men.

Most working seniors are mini-workers

According to the North Statistical Office, Schleswig-Holstein has more people older than ten years ago. But at the same time, the percentage of those who earn extra increased – according to NDR calculations, from 4.9 to 6.3 percent.

This also shows from the data of the employment agency in Schleswig-Holstein: Most working seniors are employed at a minimum level, ie have a mini-job. Only about every fifth pensioner, who earned some extra money in September 2021, was employed and was subject to social security contributions.

VdK Nord: “Many people need it to live”

For social associations, this development is generally a cause for concern. “Most of these people feel compelled to earn extra money,” says Ronald Manzke, managing director of VdK Nord. There are retirees who want to keep working for fun. “But many actually need it to live. So that they could buy food and medicine at all. That they can afford an apartment, ”says Manzke.

According to VdK Nord, when older people have to continue working due to financial difficulties, it is often at the expense of their health. The association is calling for pensions to be raised to well over 50 percent. At the same time, the standard retirement age should not be raised.

Social association: “Some pensioners still work out of shame”

The Social Association of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany (SoVD) is also critical. “If a 70-year-old has to deliver newspapers due to economic hardship or a 70-year-old” picks up “the shopping carts at a discount, something is wrong in our society, writes state president Alfred Bornhalm when asked by NDR Schleswig-Holstein.

He explains that some seniors continued to work out of shame so that they would not have to apply for basic cover for a modest retirement pension. “This is still seen as a stigma among retirees.” Therefore, the president of the SoVD state believes that no one should be left with a starvation pension who has worked well all their lives.

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