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The good news: Season 6 of the smash hit Peaky Blinders series is finally coming to Netflix this week. The bad: it will be the last…. To learn more about what’s new in streaming, check out our review article.

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As usual, next Sunday we present you the most promising or at least interesting-sounding news on Netflix – but while we all have plenty of time to stream for the Monday holiday, news on Netflix this week is rather rare.

After all, there are some notable highlights from Season 6 of Peaky Blinders, Adam Sandler’s new film Hustle and The Wonderful Mr. Rogers ”with Tom Hanks. Find out here what else you can put on your watch list for the week of June 6-12, 2022:

Monday: Korean drama

in Drama series “My Notes on Liberation” from South Korea, three siblings want to break the monotony of their lives as young adults. Whether the series could be something for you is best captured in the trailer:

Tuesday: no reboots

There are no new series or movies on Netflix for Tuesday. Of course, that could change in a very short time – but otherwise we can recommend you check out the fourth season of Stranger Things if you haven’t already!

Season 4 of Stranger Things is Netflix’s most epic hit season – but also the best? Our criticism of new episodes

Wednesday: Adam Sandler in “Hustle”

But Netflix did so on June 8 FROM “HubbubStill, a potential attraction ready – and no, the film with Adam Sandler is not a comedy. Sandler stars in this drama of a blasé basketball coach determined to prove he still has a talent for great talent – and we have an eye on another Adam Sandler masterpiece …

Also new to Netflix from Wednesday: The Document “Gladbeck: The Drama of Hostages” and the first season comedy series “Obstructed” about a doctor who fertilizes herself with a sample of her ex-boyfriend’s sperm while drunk, triggering a series of turbulent events.

Thursday: Action from Indonesia

Netflix has it on Thursday Indonesian action adventure game Ben & Jody in the program: two friends and a group of villagers take action in the jungle against illegal deforestation – unfortunately we cannot say if the film is worthwhile because little is known about it.

Friday: season 6 “Peaky Blinders”

We are already much better informed Peaky Blinders – and we can only recommend the gangster series that we and many other fans of the series consider one of the best of the last ten years (93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.8 / 10 on IMDb)! Unfortunately, the sixth season, which hits Netflix on June 10, is now over. Originally, seven seasons were planned. But the premature end of the series at least sweetens the good news: the final feature film is to be made.

In addition, two new series will appear on Netflix on Friday: In the Spanish drama series “Purely Private” A politician’s career worsens when a private video of her sex finds its way to the press.

And in Fantasy series “First kill” A teenage vampire and vampire slayer fall in love with each other, while their families expect them to kill each other in order to take their rightful place in their long-established families …

Saturday: Time to overeat

Saturday still looks slim with reboots – so you have enough time to review your watchlist.

Sunday: Tom Hanks as “Mr. Rogers”

Tom Hanks plays childhood entertainer Fred Rogers in this candid film – and if you haven’t seen the title in “The wonderful Mr. Rogers“On Netflix, then look for the original title” Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood “as the streamer is still showing the biographical drama under that title.

Our 3.5-star movie review says: “The wonderful Mr. Rogers” is “a movie like a warm hug” – and it could not be otherwise when the nicest guy in Hollywood plays one of the nicest people in the American television landscape of the 60’s and 70’s. Hardly anyone in this country knows Fred Rogers and his children’s program “The Neighborhood of Mr. Rogers”, but from Sunday you can change it on Netflix.

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